Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing


Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing

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Full Description

Proceedings of the second conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, held June 4-9, 2001 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The main idea of the conference was to bring together applied mathematicians both from outside academia, as well as experts from other areas (engineering, applied sciences) whose work involves advanced mathematical techniques.

During the meeting there were one complete mini-course, invited presentations, contributed talks and software presentations. A mini-course Schwarz Methods for Partial Differential Equations was given by Prof Marcus Sarkis (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA), and invited presentations were given by active researchers from the fields of numerical linear algebra, computational fluid dynamics , matrix theory and mathematical physics (fluid mechanics and elasticity).

This volume contains the mini-course and review papers by invited speakers (Part I), as well as selected contributed presentations from the field of analysis, numerical mathematics, and engineering applications.


Part I: Invited lectures. Domain Decomposition Methods; M. Sarkis. Modification and Maintenance of ULV Decompositions; J.L. Barlow. Advances in Jacobi Methods; Z. Drmac, V. Hari, I. Slapnicar. Modelling of curved rods; M. Jurak, J. Tambaca, Z. Tutek. Incompressible Newtonian flow through thin pipes; E. Marusic-Paloka. Nonlinear Problems in Dynamics by the Finite Element in Time Method; N. Kranjcevic, M. Stegic, N. Vrankovic. First Order Eigenvalue Perturbation Theory and the Newton Diagram; J. Moro, F.M. Dopi. Part II: Contributed lectures. Microlocal energy density for hyperbolic systems; N. Antonic, M. Lazar. Approximate solutions to some second order linear recurrences; K. Balla, V. Horvat. Asymptotic Behaviour of Tension Spline Collocation Matrix; I. Beros, M. Marusic. Numerical stability of Krylov subspace iterative methods for solving linear systems; N. Bosner. Nonlinear Problems in Dynamics by the Finite Element in Time Method; N. Kranjcevic, M. Stegic, N. Vrankovic. On directional bias of the Lp-norm; T. Marosevic. A note on slip condition on corrugated boundary; E. Marusic-Paloka. Relaxation of some energy functionals related to the formation of microstructure; A. Raguz. A Coarse Space for Elasticity; M. Sarkis. Numerical Approximations of the Sediment Transport Equations; L. Sopta, N. Crnjaric-Zic, S. Vukovic. A model of irregular curved rods; J. Tambaca. Existence of the density of states for some alloy type models with single site potentials that change sign; I. Veselic. On principal eigenvalue of stationary diffusion problem with nonsymmetric coefficients; M. Vrdoljak. Qualitative Analysis of some Solutions of Quasilinear System of Differential Equations; B. Vrdoljak, A. Omerspahić. High-Order ENO and WENO Schemes with Flux Gradient and Source Term Balancing; S. Vuković, L. Sopta. Index.