Gentlemen of the Raj : The Indian Army Officer Corps, 1817-1949


Gentlemen of the Raj : The Indian Army Officer Corps, 1817-1949

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The dramatic transformation of a small British-led colonial force into a large modern national army, complete with its own institutional officer corps, is a unique event, one without parallel. Indeed, the Indian Army's evolution challenges many current theories on the nature of British colonial rule in India. Barua offers a case study of the only post-colonial officer corps, among developing nations, never to have toppled a civilian administration. Its successful transformation forces us to re-examine interpretations of the British Raj.

This remarkable achievement was the culmination of a complex, if cautious, program of military modernization that has been practically ignored by scholars researching the colonial Indian Army. Barua examines these neglected institutional and organizational changes, demonstrating that the dynamics of colonial military modernization in India was a result of the interaction between British and Indians. The end result was the creation of a highly professional national army, one of the few in the developing world to be untainted by political involvement.

Table of Contents

Tables                                             vii
Introduction ix
Abbreviations xiii
1 A Cathartic Debate: The Indianization of the 1 (24)
Indian Army Office Corps, 1817-1919
2 The High Road to Dehra Dun: The 25 (20)
Institutionalization of the Indian Officer
Corps, 1919-1947
3 An Officer and a Gentleman: The Socialization 45 (24)
of the Indian Officer Cadet, 1919-1945
4 Wogs in the Mess: The Introduction of Indian 69 (20)
Officers into the Colonial Indian Army,
5 The Roots of Doctrine: Modernization of the 89 (18)
Indian Army, 1919-1939
6 The Crucible of War: The Second World War and 107 (18)
the Emergence of the Indian General Staff
7 The Indian Army and the Colonial Legacy 125 (22)
Conclusion 147 (14)
Bibliography 161 (12)
Index 173