Musicians in the Making : Pathways to Creative Performance (Studies in Musical Performance as Creative Practice)

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Musicians in the Making : Pathways to Creative Performance (Studies in Musical Performance as Creative Practice)

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Full Description

Musicians are continually 'in the making', tapping into their own creative resources while deriving inspiration from teachers, friends, family members and listeners. Amateur and professional performers alike tend not to follow fixed routes in developing a creative voice: instead, their artistic journeys are personal, often without foreseeable goals. The imperative to assess and reassess one's musical knowledge, understanding and aspirations is nevertheless a centralfeature of life as a performer.Musicians in the Making explores the creative development of musicians in both formal and informal learning contexts. It promotes a novel view of creativity, emphasizing its location within creative processes rather than understanding it as an innate quality. It argues that such processes may be learned and refined, and furthermore that collaboration and interaction within group contexts carry significant potential to inform and catalyze creative experiences and outcomes. The book alsotraces and models the ways in which creative processes evolve over time.Performers, music teachers and researchers will find the rich body of material assembled here engaging and enlightening. The book's three parts focus in turn on 'Creative learning in context', 'Creative processes' and 'Creative dialogue and reflection'. In addition to sixteen extended chapters written by leading experts in the field, the volume includes ten 'Insights' by internationally prominent performers, performance teachers and others. Practical aids include abstracts and lists of keywordsat the start of each chapter, which provide useful overviews and guidance on content.Topics addressed by individual authors include intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics, performance experience, practice and rehearsal, 'self-regulated performing', improvisation, self-reflection, expression, interactions between performers and audiences, assessment, and the role of academic study in performers' development.

Table of Contents

List of contributors                       ix
List of illustrations xvii
Preface xxi
John Rink
Helena Gaunt
Aaron Williamon
Insight John Wallace: A musician's journey 1 (6)
PART 1 Creative learning in context
1 Learning to perform: from `gifts' and 7 (21)
`talents' to skills and creative engagement
Jane W. Davidson
Gary E. Mcpherson
2 Apprenticeship and empowerment: the role 28 (29)
of one-to-one lessons
Helena Gaunt
3 Facilitating learning in small groups: 57 (18)
interpersonal dynamics and task dimensions
Andrea Creech
Susan Hallam
4 The role and significance of 75 (18)
masterclasses in creative learning
Ingrid Maria Hanken
5 Evaluating progress and setting 93 (15)
directions: examination and assessment
Don Lebler
Scott Harrison
6 Informal learning and musical performance 108 (35)
Tim Smart
Lucy Green
Insight Jane Manning: The creative voice 126 (5)
in artistic performance
Insight Mine Dogantan-Dack: Expressive 131 (5)
freedom in classical performance:
insights from a pianist-researcher
Insight Ricardo Castro (with Helena 136 (7)
Gaunt): Transformation through music
PART 2 Creative processes
7 Performers in the practice room 143 (21)
Karen Wise
Mirjam James
John Rink
8 Small ensembles in rehearsal 164 (22)
Jane Ginsborg
9 The creative work of large ensembles 186 (20)
Stephen Cottrell
10 Learning in the spotlight: approaches to 206 (16)
self-regulating and profiling performance
Aaron Williamon
Terry Clark
Mats Kussner
11 Incorporating improvisation into 222 (31)
classical music performance
Juniper Hill
Insight Carlos Lopez-Real: Musical 241 (4)
artistry and identity in balance
Insight Margaret Faultless: Ensemble 245 (3)
music in the making: a matter of shared
Insight Helen Reid: Making connections 248 (5)
PART 3 Creative dialogue and reflection
12 Reflection and the classical musician: 253 (18)
practice in cultural context
Mary Hunter
Stephen Broad
13 Towards convergence: academic studies 271 (17)
and the student performer
Celia Duffy
Joe Harrop
14 Musical expression from conception to 288 (18)
Darla Crispin
Stefan Ostersjo
15 Dialogue and beyond: communication and 306 (16)
interaction in ensemble performance
Elaine King
Anthony Gritten
16 Responding to performers: Listeners and 322 (29)
Sinead O'Neill
John Sloboda
Insight Susanne van Els: On artistic 341 (3)
adventures and connecting to audiences
Insight Frances-Marie Uitti: Reyond 344 (3)
convention: Listening to one's inner voice
Insight Melvyn Tan (with John Rink): 347 (4)
Learning to take time
Notes 351 (10)
Index 361