Nuclear Structure from a Simple Perspective (Oxford Studies in Nuclear Physics) (2ND)


Nuclear Structure from a Simple Perspective (Oxford Studies in Nuclear Physics) (2ND)

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Full Description

The present textbook on nuclear structure takes a unique and complementary approach compared to existing texts on the topic. Avoiding complicated calculations and complex mathematical formalism, it explains nuclear structure by building on a few elementary physical ideas. Even such apparently intricate topics as shell model residual interactions, the Nilsson model, and the RPA analysis of collective vibrations are explained in a simple, intuitive way so that
predictions can usually be made without calculations, essentially by inspection. Frequent comparison with data allows the relevance of theoretical approaches to be immediately evident. This edition includes new chapters on exotic nuclei and radioactive beams, and on correlations of collective observables.
Completely new discussions are given of isospin, the shell model, nature of collective vibrations, multi-phonon states, superdeformation, bandmixing, geometric collective model, fermi gas model, basic properties of simple nuclear potentials, the deuteron, etc. With the amount of new material this new edition is essentially a new book.


PART I: INTRODUCTION ; 1. Introduction ; 2. The Nuclear Landscape ; PART II: SHELL MODEL AND RESIDUAL INTERACTIONS ; 3. The Independent Particle Model ; 4. The Shell Model: Two-Particle Configurations ; 5. Multiparticle Configurations ; PART III: COLLECTIVITY, PHASE TRANSITIONS, DEFORMATION ; 6. Collective Excitations in even-even Nuclei: Vibrational and Rotational Motion ; 7. Evolution of Collectivity ; 8. The deformed Shell Model or Nilsson Model ; 9. Nilsson Model: Applications and Refinements ; 10. Microscopic Treatment of Collective Vibrations ; PART IV: EXPERIMENTAL TECHNIQUES ; 11. Exotic Nuclei and Radioactive Beams ; References ; Index