Design and Analysis : A Researcher's Handbook (4TH)

Design and Analysis : A Researcher's Handbook (4TH)

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For advanced undergraduate/graduate-level courses in Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis in Psychology departments.

The fourth edition of Design and Analysis continues to offer a readily accessible introduction to the designed experiment in research and the statistical analysis of the data from such experiments. Unique because it emphasizes the use of analytical procedures, this text is appropriate for the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate student, as it requires knowledge of only the most fundamental mathematical skills and little or no formal statistical background. This book is also useful as a source and guide to application for researchers who require assistance in both planning a study and analyzing its results.


I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Experimental Design. II. SINGLE FACTOR EXPERIMENTS. 2. Sources of Variability and Sums of Squares. 3. Variance Estimates and F Ratio. 4. Analytical Comparisons Among Means. 5. Analysis of Trend. 6. Simultaneous Comparisons. 7. The Linear Model and Its Assumptions. 8. Effect Size and Power. 9. Using Statistical Software. III. FACTORIAL EXPERIMENTS WITH TWO FACTORS. 10. Introduction to the Factorial Design. 11. The Principal Two-Factor Effects. 12. Main Effects and Simple Effects. 13. The Analysis of Interaction Components. IV. NONORTHOGONALITY AND THE GENERAL LINEAR MODEL. 14. General Linear Model. 15. The Analysis of Covariance. V. WITHIN-SUBJECT DESIGNS. 16. The Single-Factor Within-Subject Design. 17. Further Within-Subject Topics. 18. The Two-Factor Within-Subject Design. 19. The Mixed Design: Overall Analysis. 20. The Mixed Design: Analytical Analyses. VI. HIGHER FACTORIAL DESIGNS AND OTHER EXTENSIONS. 21. The Overall Three-Factor Design. 22. The Three-Way Analytical Analysis. 23. Within-Subject and Mixed Designs. 24. Random Factors and Generalization. 25. Nested Factors. 26. Higher-Order Designs. Appendix A: Statistical Tables.