Side by Side (3e) 3 Student Book with CD Highlights

Side by Side (3e) 3 Student Book with CD Highlights

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Full Description

Side by Side has helped more than 25 millions students worldwide persist and succeed as language learners! This course is a dynamic all skills programme that integrates conversation practice, reading, writing and listening - all in a light-hearted, fun and easy-to-use format. This edition promotes active communication between students.... practising speaking together 'side by side',

Table of Contents

    1 Review: Simple Present Tense Present         1  (10)
Continuous Tense SubjectandObject Pronouns
Possessive Adjectives Time Expressions
Describing Habitual and Ongoing Activities
Telling About Likes and Dislikes
Describing Frequency of Actions
Telling About Personal Background and
2 Review: Simple Past Tense (Regular and 11 (10)
Irregular Verbs) Past Continuous Tense
Reporting Past Activities
Difficult Experiences
Describing a Trip
3 Review: Future: Going to Future: Will 21 (16)
Future Continuous Tense Time Expressions
Possessive Pronouns
Describing Future Plans and Intentions
Telling About the Future
Expressing Time and Duration
Talking on the Telephone
Plans for the Future
Asking a Favor
Side by Side Gazette 33 (4)
4 Present Perfect Tense 37 (14)
Describing Actions That Have Occurred
Describing Actions That Haven't Occurred
Making Recommendations
Things to Do Where You Live
Making Lists
5 Present Perfect vs. Present Tense Present 51 (18)
Perfect vs. Past Tense Since/For
Discussing Duration of Activity
Medical Symptoms and Problems
Career Advancement
Telling About Family Members
Side by Side Gazette 65 (4)
6 Present Perfect Continuous Tense 69 (12)
Discussing Duration of Activity
Reporting Household Repair Problems
Describing Tasks Accomplished
Reassuring Someone
Describing Experiences
Job Interviews
7 Review: Present Perfect and Present 81 (14)
Perfect Continuous Tenses
Discussing Recreation Preferences
Discussing Things You Dislike Doing
Describing Talents and Skills
Telling About Important Decisions
8 Past Perfect Tense Past Perfect 95 (20)
Continuous Tense
Discussing Things People Had Done
Discussing Preparations for Events
Describing Consequences of Being Late
Discussing Feelings
Describing Accomplishments
Side by Side Gazette 111(4)
9 Two-Word Verbs: Separable Inseparable 115(16)
Discussing When Things Are Going to Happen
Remembering and Forgetting
Discussing Obligations
Asking for and Giving Advice
School Assignments
Making Plans by Telephone
Talking About Important People in Your
Shopping for Clothing
10 Connectors: And ... Too And ... Either 131
So, But, Neither
Asking for and Giving Reasons
Describing People's Backgrounds,
Interests, and Personalities
Looking for a Job
Referring People to Someone Else
Discussing Opinions
Describing People's Similarities and
Side by Side Gazette 145(4)
Appendix Listening Scripts 149(3)
Irregular Verbs 152(1)
Thematic Glossary 153(3)
Index 156
How to Say It! (Communication Strategies) 9 (6)
Asking for and Reacting to Information
Reacting to Bad News 15 (14)
Asking for a Favor 29 (19)
Expressing Satisfaction 48 (11)
Reacting to Information 59 (16)
Expressing Surprise 75 (12)
Expressing Appreciation 87 (18)
Sharing News About Someone 105(12)
Remembering and Forgetting 117(24)
Offering a Suggestion 141
Reduced are 10 (10)
Did you 20 (12)
Going to 32 (18)
Contractions with isandhas 50 (14)
Reduced haveandhas 64 (16)
Reduced for 80 (14)
Reduced to 94 (16)
Reduced had 110(20)
Linking "t" Between Vowels 130(14)
Contrastive Stress 144