Contemporary Issues in Animal Agriculture (3 SUB)

Contemporary Issues in Animal Agriculture (3 SUB)

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Full Description

For Contemporary Issues in Animal Science and Animal Issues in Society courses. This book objectively deals with a number of important issues that are affecting livestock production and the public perception of animal production on a global basis. Some of these issues include consumption of animal products and human health, global warming, biotechnology and animal rights. Each chapter is written so that it might stand alone, allowing instructors maximum flexibility in teaching the course.


1. Domestication of Animals and Their Contributions to Human Welfare. 2. Animal Products in the Human Diet. 3. Feed vs. Food: Do Livestock Compete with Humans for Food Resources? 4. Principles of Animal Nutrition and the Scientific Feeding of Livestock. 5. Feed Additives and Growth Promotants in Animal Production. 6. Environmental Concerns Involving Livestock Production. 7. Livestock Grazing and Rangeland Issues. 8. Industrialization, Corporatization and Globalization of Animal Agriculture. 9. Food Quality and Safety Issues. 10. Bioethics, Animal Welfare, Animal Rights, and Biotechnology Issues. 11. Livestock Integration into Sustainable Resource Utilization.