Contemporary Polymer Chemistry (3 SUB)

Contemporary Polymer Chemistry (3 SUB)

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A complete overview of the synthetic, kinetic, structural, and applied aspects of modern polymer chemistry, this text clearly illustrates the relationship between fundamental chemistry and the uses of polymers. Polymer Chemistry, featuring new co-author James Mark, also provides coverage of industrial and medical applications. Many of the study questions give answers or require thoughtful utilization of the text material.


I. SYNTHESIS AND REACTIONS OF POLYMERS. 1. The Scope of Polymer Chemistry. 2. Condensation and Other Step-Type Polymerizations. 3. Free-Radical Polymerization. 4. Ionic and Coordination Polymerization. 5. Photolytic, Radiation, and Electrolytic Polymerization. 6. Polmerization of Cyclic Organic Compounds. 7. Reactions of Synthetic Polymers. 8. Biological Polymers and Their Reactions. 9. Inorganic Elements in Polymers. II. THERMODYNAMICS AND KINETICS OF POLYMERIZATION. 10. Polymerization and Depolymerization Equilibria. 11. Kinetics of Condensation (Step-Growth) Polymerization. 12. Kinetics of Free-Radical Polymerization. 13. Kinetics of Ionic Polymerization. III. PHYSICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF POLYMERS. 14. Determination of Absolute Molecular Weights. 15. Secondary Methods for Molecular Weight Determination. 16. Thermodynamics of Solutions of High Polymers. 17. Morphology, Glass Transitions, and Polymer Crystallinity. 18. Conformational Analysis of Polymers. 19. X-Ray Diffraction by Polymers. IV. FABRICATION AND TESTING OF POLYMERS. 20. Fabrication of Polymers. 21. Testing of Polymers. V. MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, PROPERTIES, AND USES. 22. General Structure-Property Relationships. 23. Electroactive Polymers. 24. Biomedical Applications of Synthetic Polymers. VI. APPENDICES. I. Polymer Nomenclature. II. Properties and Uses of Selected Polymers. III. References to Topics not Discussed in this Book. Author Index. Subject Index.