Elementary Linear Algebra (8 SUB)

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Elementary Linear Algebra (8 SUB)

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Full Description

Celebritystudents to the key terms and concepts, dilemmas and issues that are central to the study and critical understanding of celebrity. There is an imagined relational trajectory that the book intends to navigate. While each chapter will stand as a coherent block of knowledge, analysis and appreciation, conversations and connections will also be foregrounded, and `echo' summaries will enable the reader to follow the connections in the arguments that are made. The book builds a critical story about celebrity that takes in image production, branding and marketing, the political economy of celebrity, celebrity in the everyday, identity politics, structures of feeling and narratives of damage, and celebrity in relation to resistant strategies and energies. Topical, current and popular examples will be utilised to bring the material alive for the reader.


IntroductionCelebrity Images and Narrative Dreamscapes 3. Celebrity, Charisma and the Spectacular Media Event 4. Feeling Celebrity 5. Celebrity and Damage 6. Celebrity and Cultural Resistance 7. Global Celebrity