Side Effects of Drugs Annual (Side Effects of Drugs Annual)

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Side Effects of Drugs Annual (Side Effects of Drugs Annual)

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Full Description

Side Effects of Drugs AnnualAdverse Drug Reactions, Volume 41, first published in 1977, and continually published as a yearly update to the voluminous encyclopedia Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs, presents clinicians and medical investigators with a critical survey of new data and trends in adverse drug reactions and interactions. Topics covered in this new release include Central Nervous System Stimulants and Drugs that Suppress Appetite, Antidepressants, Lithium, Drugs of Abuse, Hypnotics and Sedatives, Antipsychotic Drugs, Antiepileptics, Opioid Analgesics and Narcotic Antagonists, Anti-Inflammatory and Antipyretic Analgesics and Drugs Used in Gout, and much more.


1. Central Nervous System Stimulants and Drugs That Suppress Appetite Nicholas T. Bello 2. Antidepressants Philip Bowden Mitchell 3. Lithium Connie F. Rust 4. Drugs of abuse Sidhartha D. Ray 5. Hypnotics and Sedatives Stacey D. Curtis 6. Antipsychotic drugs Emily Leppien 7. Antiepileptics Sidhartha D. Ray 8. Opioid Analgesics and Narcotic Antagonists Michael O'Neil 9. Anti-Inflammatory and Antipyretic Analgesics and Drugs Used in Gout Mark Olah 10. General Anesthetics and Therapeutic Gases Alison Hall 11. Local anesthetics Andrew P. Smith 12. Neuromuscular Blocking Agents and Skeletal Muscle Relaxants Abigail Antigua 13. Drugs that affect autonomic functions or the extrapyramidal system Toshio Nakaki 14. Dermatological Agents Henry L. Nguyen 15. Antihistamines (H1 Receptor Antagonists) Cheryl K. Horlen 16. Drugs that Act on the Respiratory Tract Dinesh Yogaratnam 17. Positive Inotropic Drugs and Drugs Used in Dysrhythmias Kerry Anne Rambaran 18. Beta Adrenergic Antagonists and Antianginal Drugs Asima N. Ali 19. Drugs Acting on the Cerebral and Peripheral Circulations Keaton S. Smetana 20. Antihypertensive Drugs Rebecca Kavanagh 21. Diuretics Michelle Friedman 22. Metal Antagonists Joshua P. Gray 23. Antiseptic Drugs and Disinfectants Dirk W. Lachenmeier 24. Beta-lactams and Tetracyclines Rebecca Buckler 25. Miscellaneous Antibacterial Drugs Emily Clare Tucker 26. Antifungal Drugs Dayna McMannus 27. Antiprotozoal drugs Adrienne T. Black 28. Antiviral Drugs Eris Cani 29. Drugs in Tuberculosis and Leprosy Meenakshi Ravindran Ramanathan 30. Antihelminthic drugs Igho Onakpoya 31. Vaccines Michael P. Veve 32. Blood, blood components, plasma, and plasma products Seohyun (Claudia) Choi 33. Vitamins, amino acids and drugs and formulations used in nutrition Vicky Mody 34. Drugs That Affect Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Hemostasis Roman Fazylov 35. Gastrointestinal Drugs Dianne May 36. Drugs That Act on the Immune System: Cytokines and Monoclonal Antibodies Helen E. Smith 37. Drugs That Act on the Immune System: Immunosuppressive and Immunostimulatory Drugs Sidhartha D. Ray 38. Corticotrophins, corticosteroids, and prostaglandins Marley Linder Watson 39. Sex Hormones and Related Compounds, Including Hormonal Contraceptives Caitlin M. Gibson 40. Miscellaneous Hormones Amulya Tatachar 41. Thyroid hormones, Iodine and Iodides, and Antithyroid Drugs Vishakha Bhave 42. Insulin and Other Hypoglycemic Drugs Laura A. Schalliol 43. Use of Antidiabetic, Antihypertensive, and Psychotropic Drugs in Pregnancy Dana R. Fasanella 44. Drugs That Affect Lipid Metabolism Rebecca Tran 45. Cytostatic Agents Nelly Adel 46. Radiological Contrast Agents and Radiopharmaceuticals Manoranjan S. D'Souza 47. Drugs used in ocular treatment Lisa Stottlemyer 48. Safety of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Treatments and Practices Renee A. Bellanger 49. Miscellaneous medical Devices Paramita Basu