Additive Manufacturing with Functionalized Nanomaterials

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Additive Manufacturing with Functionalized Nanomaterials

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The greatest benefits of nanoscale additive manufacturing lie in biomedicine, smart devices/sensors, energy harvesting, aerospace, and manufacturing. This book explores the recent applications of functionalized nanomaterials-based additive manufacturing to benefit different manufacturing domains, including design and process aspects, as well as outlining major application areas.

This book summarizes recent progress of functionalized nanomaterials-based additive manufacturing on both an experimental and a theoretical model level. Though nanomaterials can be fabricated by bottom-up and top-down approaches (techniques include lithography, photolithography, and micro-machining), the applications of additive manufacturing processes are increasing at an exponential rate and therefore, the demand for high-performance materials has been greatly increasing. Recent applications covered in this book include biomedicine, aerospace, automobile, waste recycling, and energy storage devices. Environmental, regulatory and safety issues are also discussed.

This book is an important reference source for materials scientists and engineers who are seeking to improve their understanding of how functionalized nanomaterials are playing an increasingly important role in the additive manufacturing process.

  • Brings together recent innovations and practices of nanomaterials in additive manufacturing processes
  • Outlines major nanomaterials-based additive manufacturing techniques
  • Discusses major applications in a range of industry sectors, including in energy, automotive and biomedicine

Table of Contents

  1. Nanostructured architected electrode materials: Design and fabrication of electrodes for electrochemical sensing of glucose

  2. Synthesis and applications of functionalized nanoparticles in biomedicine and radiotherapy

  3. Three-dimensional functionalized film printing for health monitoring

  4. 3D printing of nanomaterials using inkjet printing

  5. Additive manufacturing for functionalized nanomaterials breaks limits

  6. Potential applications of polymeric-nanomaterial as drug delivery carriers in the biomedical field

  7. Synthesis process of functionalized ZnO nanostructure for additive manufacturing: a state-of-the-art review

  8. Functionalized biomaterials for 3D printing: an overview of  the literature

  9. Functionally graded additive manufacturing

  10. Additive manufacturing of functionalized nanomaterials for the modern health care industry