The Architecture of Context and Context-Sensitivity〈1st ed. 2020〉 : Perspectives from Philosophy, Linguistics and Logic

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The Architecture of Context and Context-Sensitivity〈1st ed. 2020〉 : Perspectives from Philosophy, Linguistics and Logic

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This volume addresses foundational issues of context-dependence and indexicality, which are at the center of the current debate within the philosophy of language. Topics include the scope of context-dependency, the nature of content and the character of input data of cognitive processes relevant for the interpretation of utterances.  There's also coverage of the role of beliefs and intentions as contextual factors, as well as the validity of arguments in context-sensitive languages.

The contributions consider foundational issues regarding context-sensitivity from three different, yet related, perspectives on the phenomenon of context-dependence: representational, structural, and functional. The contributors not only address the representational, structural and/or functional problems separately but also study their mutual connections, thus furthering the debate and bringing competing approaches closer to unification and consensus. This text appeals to students and researchers within the field.

This is a very useful collection of essays devoted to the roles of context in the study of language. Its essays provide a useful overview of the current debates on this topic, and they put forth novel contributions that will undoubtedly be of relevance for the development of all areas in philosophy and linguistics interested in the notion of context.

Stefano Predelli

Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Utterance and Context (Maria de Ponte, Kepa Korta, John Perry).- Chapter 2. Indirectness and Intentions in Metasemantics (Michael Glanzberg).- Chapter 3. Speaker Intentions and Objective Metasemantics (Jeffrey C. King).- Chapter 4. Speakers, Hearers and Demonstrative Reference (Palle Leth).- Chapter 5. How to Say When (Agustin Vincente & Dan Zeman).- Chapter 6. Distributed Utterances (Mark McCullagh).- Chapter 7. Demonstratives in First Order Logic (Geoff Georgii).- Chapter 8. De se as Variable Binding: on Context Sensitivity in Utterance Reports (Joan Gimeno-Simó).- Chapter 9. How Can “I” Refer to Me? Banishing Monsters at The Source (David Kashtan).- Chapter 10. Compositionality in Truth Conditional Pragmatics (Adrain Briciu).- Chapter 11. Occasion Sensitivity and What is Said (Claudia Picazo Jaque).- Chapter 12. Context and Communicative Success (Joey Pollock).- Chapter 13. Truth and Context (Gerald Vision).- Chapter 14. Subsentential Speech Acts: a Situated Contextualist Account (Joanna Odrowąż-Sypniewska).- Chapter 15. Some Constraint on Contextualism about Modals (Daniel Skibra).