Changes in the Human-Monsoon System of East Asia in the Context of Global Change (Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study on Global Change)


Changes in the Human-Monsoon System of East Asia in the Context of Global Change (Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study on Global Change)

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Describes the major demographic, socio-economic, and institutional drivers for change in East Asia.

Full Description

This book is the first in a series of assessments of regional climate change. Irreversible changes to regional biogeochemistry, and terrestrial and marine ecosystem functioning are brought about by increases in population, intensified land use, urbanization, industrialization and economic development. These may have global as well as regional consequences. The objectives of the assessments are, (i) to better understand how human activities in regions are altering regional atmospheric, terrestrial, and marine environments, (ii) to provide a sound scientific basis for sustainable regional development, and (iii) to develop the capability of predicting changes in global-regional linkages in the Earth System and to recognize the future consequences of such changes. This book describes such a study for monsoon East Asia, providing a state-of-the-art summary of what we already know, and serves as a basis for identifying knowledge gaps that require study.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1
Part I Variability of Monsoon 7
1. Thermal-Dynamical Effects of the Tibetan 9
Plateau on the East Asian Monsoon
Guoxiong Wu, Qiong Zhang, Anmin Duan and
Jiangyu Mao
2. Paleo-Monsoon Variations in East Asia 23
Reconstructed from Terrestrial Records
Li Li and Zhisheng An
3. Paleo-Monsoon Evolution and Variability 39
Derived from Deep-Sea Sediments
Pinxian Wang
4. Late Quaternary Paleoclimate Simulations 59
and Model Comparisons for the East Asian
Ge Yu, Sandy P. Harrison, Xing Chen and
Yingqun Zheng
5. El Ni  and the Southern 75
Oscillation-Monsoon Interaction and
Interannual Climate
Chongyin Li and Ronghui Huang
Part II Atmospheric Composition 89
6. Recent Trends in Summer Precipitation in 91
China and Mongolia
Tetsuzo Yasunari, Nobuhiko Endo and
Borliginte Ailikun
7. Warming in East Asia as a Consequence of 105
Increasing Greenhouse Gases
Zongci Zhao, Akio Kitoh, and Dong-Kyou Lee
8. Climate Impacts of Atmospheric Sulfate 115
and Black Carbon Aerosols
Yun Qian, Qingyuan Song, Surabi Menon,
Shaocai Yu, Shaw Liu, Guangyu Shi, Ruby
Leung and Yunfeng Luo
9. Long-Range Transport and Deposition of 133
Dust Aerosols Over the Ocean, and Their
Impacts on Climate
Zifa Wang, Guangyu Shi and Young-Joon Kim
Part III Land-Use Change 147
10. Land Use and Land Cover Change in East 149
Asia and Its Potential Impacts on Monsoon
Congbin Fu and Shuyu Wang
11. The Terrestrial Carbon Budget in East 163
Asia: Human and Natural Impacts
Hanqin Tian, Jiyuan Liu, Jerry Melillo,
Mingliang Liu, David Kicklighter,
Xiaodong Yan and Shufen Pan
E mail:
12. Impacts of Agriculture on the Nitrogen 177
Zhengqin Xiong, John Freney, Arvin
Mosier, Zhaoliang Zhu, Youn Lee and
Kazuyuki Yagi
13. Impacts of Land Use on Structure and 195
Function of Terrestrial Ecosystems and
Kanehiro Kitayama, Guangsheng Zhou and
Keping Ma
E mail:
14. Impact of Land Use in Semiarid Asia on 211
Aridification and Desertification
Dennis Ojima, Wen Jie Dong, Zhuguo Ma,
Jeff Hicke and Tom Riley
E mail:
Part IV Marine/Coastal Systems 223
15. Transport of Materials Induced by Human 225
Activities Along the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers
Dunxin Hu, Chongguang Pang, Qingye Wang,
Weijin Yan and Jiongxin Xu
16. Impacts of Global Warming on Living 239
Resources in Ocean and Coastal Ecosystems
Qisheng Tang and Ling Tong
17. Sea-Level Changes and Vulnerability of 251
the Coastal Zone
Nobuo Mimura and Hiromune Yokoki
Part V Driving Forces 265
18. Changes in Population Number, 267
Composition, Distribution, and Consumption in
East Asia
Xizhe Peng and Xuehui Han
19. Application of Clean Technologies and New 279
Policies to Reduce Emissions and the Impacts
of Environmental Change on Human Health
Kejan Jiang and Gang Wen
20. Trends and Proactive Risk Management of 293
Climate-Related Disasters
Pei Jan Shi, Norio Okada, Joanne
Linnerooth-Bayer and Yi Ge
21. Assessment of Vulnerability and 309
Adaptation to Climate Change in Western China
Yongyuan Yin, Peng Gong and Yihui Ding
22. Application of Asia鳳acific Integrated 323
Model in East Asia
Xiulian Hu and Kejun Jiang
23. Human Drivers of Change in the East Asian 335
Monsoon System
Karen Seto, Dennis Ojima, Qingyuan Song
and Arvin Mosier
List of Contributors 349
Index 359