Understanding Business Marketing and Purchasing (3RD)


Understanding Business Marketing and Purchasing (3RD)

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Full Description

This book is aimed at students, instructors, researchers and practitioners who need to understand the complexities of business markets and the management challenges they provide. It brings together the most significant and up to the minute work of the IMP group and their research colleagues. The third edition has been extensively revised and includes many new readings. All have been chosen for their clarity and insight into the complex world of the business marketer and the purchaser. Understanding Business Marketing and Purchasing provides insights into the interactions between the business buyers and sellers and the relationships in which they take place. The book also sheds light on how business relationships form part of wider networks and provides understanding of the issues facing managers in these complex networks. The collection takes an international approach to understanding business markets and draws on the work of leading authorities from a number of countries. Unrivalled for clarity and comprehensive coverage, Understanding Business Marketing and Purchasing is essential reading for academics, students and practitioners.


PART 1: THE IMP APPROACH TO UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS MARKETS David Ford: Introduction Peter Turnbull, David Ford and Malcolm Cunningham: Interaction, Relationships and Networks in Business Markets: An Evolving Perspective IMP Group: An Interaction Hakan H?kansson and I Shehota: The IMP Perspective, Assets and Liabilities of Relationships Part 2 Understanding Interaction and Relationships David Ford: Introduction Hakan H?kansson, Jan Johanson and Bjorn Wootz: Influence tactics in Buyer-Seller Processes David Ford: The development of buyer-seller relationships in industrial markets David Ford, Hakan H?kansson and Jan Johanson: How do companies interact? Hakan H?kansson and Ivan Snehota: The Burden of Relationships or WhoOs Next Keith Blois: DonOt All Firms Have Relationships? I F Wilkinson and L C Young: Business dancing - the nature and role of inter-firm relations in business strategy PART 2: UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS NETWORKS David Ford: Introduction G Easton: Industrial Networks: A Review Hakan H?kansson & Jan Johanson: A Model of Industrial Networks Hakan H?kansson and Ivan Snehota : No business is an island: the network concept of business strategy Hakan H?kansson and Ivan Snehota, Analysing Business Relationships J Johanson and L G Mattson: Network Positions and Strategic Action - An analytical framework J Johanson and L G Mattson: Internationalisation in Industrial Systems: A network Approach James Anderson, Hakan H?kansson & Jan Johanson: Dyadic Business Relationships within a Business Network Context Aino Halinen and Asti Salmi: From Dyadic Change to Changing Business Networks: An Analytical Framework Hakan H?kansson and David Ford: How Should Companies Interact? PART 3: MARKETING IN BUSINESS NETWORKS David Ford: Introduction M T Cunningham and E Homse: Controlling the marketing-purchasing interface: resource development and organisational implications NCG Campbell and MT Cunningham: Customer analysis for strategy development in industrial Judy Zolkiewski and Peter W. Turnbull: Relationship Portfolios - Past, Present and Future Kristian Moller and Arto Rajala, Organising Marketing in Industrial Hi-Tech Firms David Ford and Raymond Mcdowell: Managing Business Relationships by Analysing the Effects and Value of Different Actions Thomas Ritter: The Networking Company. Pete Naude and Francis Buttle: Assessing Relationship Quality Ross Brennan and PW Turnbull: Adaptive Behaviour in Buyer-Supplier Relationships David Ford and Mike Saren: First steps in technology strategy PART 4: PURCHASING IN BUSINESS NETWORKS David Ford: Introduction NCG Cambell: An Interaction Approach to Organisational Buying Behaviour Hakan H?kansson and Lars-Erik Gadde: Supplier relations Lars-Erik Gadde and Hakan H?kansson: The changing role of purchasing: Reconsidering three strategic issues Lars-Erik Gadde and Ivan Snehota: Making the most of supplier relationships Luis Araujo, Anna Dubois and Lars-Erik Gadde: Managing Interfaces with Suppliers Paul Cousins and Euan Stanwix: ItOs Only a Matter of Confidence: A Comparison of Relationship Management between Japanese and United Kingdom Vehicle Manufacturers CONCLUSIONS