The Politics of Genocide - the Holocaust in Hungary


The Politics of Genocide - the Holocaust in Hungary

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Full Description

The third revised and updated edition of this comprehensive two-volume history by one of the world's leading experts on the Holocaust provides unparalleled perspective on the destruction of Hungarian Jewry during the Nazi era. A critical component of any collection on the Holocaust, this work not only provides a detailed chronicle of the complex domestic and international developments that led to one of World War II's darkest events but also works as a complete reference of maps, dates, people, and other essential, hard-to-find materials. This edition identifies and analyzes within Hungarian history, world history, and international politics the historical, political, ideological, and socioeconomic factors that shaped the attitudes and policies of the Holocaust's main players. An exhaustive resource of everything we now know, The Politics of Genocide is essential reading for a richer understanding of this atrocity and its legacy.


Volume 1 List of Tables List of Figures List of Maps Preface Reference List of Selected Geographic Name Changes Hungarian Military Ranks and Terms Wehrmacht and SS Ranks with their U.S. Equivalents List of Source Abbreviations1. Prelude to Destruction 2. From Consolidation to Proto-Fascism 3. The Jewish Community of Hungary before the Destruction 4. The Beginning of the End 5. The Teleki Era 6. The Bardossy Era 7. The Kallay Era 8. Treatment of Hungarian Jews in German-Occupied Europe 9. The First Mass Deportation Plans 10. The Labor Service System 11. The Road to Destruction 12. The Occupation Forces and Authorities 13. The Sztojay Government 14. The Jewish Council 15. The First Anti-Jewish Measures 16. The Processes of Economic Destruction 17. Ghettoization: Phase I 18. Zone II: Northern Transylvania 19. Deportation 20. Zone III: Northern HungaryVOLUME 2 21. Zone IV: Southern Hungary East of the Danube 22. The Last Phase: Zones V and VI and Auschwitz 23. The Conspiracy of Silence 24. Fate of the Jews of Budapest 25. From the End of the Deportations to the Szalasi Coup 26. The Szalasi Era 27. Treatment of Foreign Jews in Hungary 28. Treatment of Hungarian Jews Abroad 29. Rescue and Resistance 30. The Attitude and Reactions of the Christian Churches 31. International Reaction and Intervention 32. Liberation, Restitution, Retribution 33. Hungarian Reactions to the HolocaustAppendix 1. Administration of the Labor Service System in the Ministry of Defense: 1944 Appendix 2. Labor Service Companies Authorized for Transfer to the Germans Appendix 3. Major Anti-Jewish Decrees Issued Between March 29 and December 6, 1944 Appendix 4. Hungarian and Foreign Jewish Authors Whose Works Were Banned Appendix 5. Chronology Appendix 6. Deportation Trains Passing Through Kassa in 1944: Dates, Origin of Transports, and Number of DeporteesGlossary Name Index Geographic Index Subject Index