Approaches to Teaching the Works of D. H. Lawrence (Approaches to Teaching World Literature)


Approaches to Teaching the Works of D. H. Lawrence (Approaches to Teaching World Literature)

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These essays describe ways to encourage students to read more closely, accurately, and sensitively Lawrence's and to learn how to complicate their reading.

Full Description

Lawrence's forceful language, imagery, and rhythms can make readers feel they are being attacked or challenged. These essays describe ways to encourage students to read his works more closely, accurately, and sensitively and to learn how to complicate their reading.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Series                              xi
Preface to the Volume xiii
Acknowledgments xvii
PART ONE: MATERIALS M. Elizabeth Sargent and
Garry Watson
Introduction 3 (1)
Literary Criticism 3 (4)
Editions 7 (3)
Lawrence's Letters and Essays: Essential 10 (3)
Tools for Teaching His Fiction and Poetry
Biography 13 (1)
Reference Works 13 (1)
Audiovisual and Electronic Resources 14 (4)
Organizations and Conferences 18 (5)
Introduction 23 (14)
Words of Encouragement and Caution
Which Lawrence, When? 37 (4)
Mark Kinkead-Weekes
Some Notes toward a Vindication of the Rites 41 (7)
of D. H. Lawrence
Sandra M. Gilbert
The Crisis in Homosexual/Heterosexual 48 (7)
Definition in the Lawrence Classroom
A. A. Markley
Major Issues in Teaching Lawrence and Otherness
Discovering Otherness: Lawrence
Writing/Rewriting Himself
``Odour of Chrysanthemumms'' and the Freshman 55 (15)
Essay: Teaching Literature by Contextual
Gordon Harvey
Lawrence in Hypertext: A Technology of 70 (9)
Difference for Reading/Writing The Rainbow
and ``Odour of Chrysanthemums''
Charles L. Ross
Donald Buckley
Psychoanalytic Approaches to Otherness
Fathoming Flood and Father in The Rainbow and 79 (10)
The Virgin and the Gipsy
Luba Slabyj
Strange Bedfellows: D. H. Lawrence and 89 (10)
Feminist Psychoanalytic Theory in the Rainbow
Jorgette Mauzerall
The Foreigner Within: Teaching The Rainbow 99 (7)
with the Help of Cixous, Kristeva, and
Maria Aline Seabra Ferreira
Cultural Criticism and Otherness
Reading Women in Love and Sons and Lovers 106 (10)
like Sisters and Brothers: Lawrence Study in
the Feminist Classroom
Carol Siegel
Teaching ``Women'': A Cultural Criticism 116 (10)
Approach to ``The Women Who Rode Away'''
Pamela L. Caughie
Using Student Resistance and Our Own in 126 (11)
Teaching The Captain's Doll: Toward a
Pedagogy of Affect
Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson
``Learning to Squint'' / the Critic as 137 (9)
Outlaw: Teaching Studies in Classic American
Literature as Cultural Criticism
Isobel M. Findlay
Garry Watson
Teaching Other Cultures and Religions
The Resurrection of Pan: Teaching Biocentric 146 (11)
Consciousness and Deep Ecology in Lawrence's
Poetry and Late Nonfiction
Keith Sagar
Lawrence and Rites of Passage 157 (7)
Langdon Elsbree
Sea and Sardinia: If You Can Teach Only One 164 (8)
Lawrence Text
Howard Mills
Picking Up ``Life-Threads'' in Lawrence's 172 (13)
Mexico: Dialogism and Multiculturalism in The
Plumed Serpent
Virginia Crosswhite Hyde
Course-Context Sketches
Teaching the Poems and the Short Fiction
Teaching Lawrence's Tortoise Poems as a 185 (5)
David Ellis
The Tuning of ``Piano'' 190 (3)
Keith Cushman
Lawrence and Freud on Dreams: Loosing versus 193 (3)
Trapping The Fox in the Classroom
Louis K. Greiff
Teaching ``The Prussian Officer'' with the 196 (3)
Help of Daniel Stern and Jessica Benjamin
Phyllis Sternberg Perrakis
``I Don't Like England Very Much, but... 199 (3)
``The Construction of Englishness in
``England, My England''
Tim Middleton
Teaching the Major Novels
Sons and Lovers and Book History 202 (2)
A. R. Atkins
Teaching Sons and Lovers in a Global Context 204 (4)
in South Africa: Colonialism and Modernity
James M. Phelps
Teaching the Case of the Subverside Novel: 208 (5)
The Role of Contemporary Reviews in The
Rainbow Trial
Wayne Templeton
Toasting and Caroling in The Rainbow: 213 (2)
Dramatic Rituals in the Classroom
Virginia Crosswhite Hyde
Examining the Stylistic Diversity of The 215 (2)
Rainbow and Women in Love in and on Honors
Seminar on Criticism and Research Methods
Jack Stewart
``More Likely to Be the End of Experience''; 217 (4)
Women in Love, Sati, and the Marriage-Plot
Rebecca Carpenter
Unlearning Europe: Postcolonial Questions for 221 (5)
Teaching The Plumed Serpent
Theresa Mae Thompson
Teaching Lady Chattreley's Lover 226 (2)
Louis L. Martz
Team-Teaching Lawrence in a Culminating 228 (2)
Senior Seminar
Carol Peirce
Lawrence W. Markert
Teaching the Plays and Nonfiction
``Man-for-Man Love'': David, the Bible, and 230 (3)
Gender Construction
Raymond-Jean Frontain
Teaching Lawrence's Early Plays with His 233 (2)
Early Prose
Hans-W. Schwarze
Lawrence's Poetry and Expository Prose: 235 (3)
Writing with Power and the Canons of
Gordon Harvey
Notes on Contributors 238 (5)
Survey Participants 243 (2)
Works Cited 245 (20)
Works 245 (5)
D. H. Lawrence
Books and Articles 250 (15)
Index of Lawrence's Works 265 (2)
Index of Names 267