Water Industry Systems (2-Volume Set) : Modeling and Optimization Applications (Water Engineering and Management Series, 3-4) 〈1〉

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Water Industry Systems (2-Volume Set) : Modeling and Optimization Applications (Water Engineering and Management Series, 3-4) 〈1〉

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Full Description

These conference proceedings reflect the current and future roles of modeling and optimization in the description and management of water industry systems. Balanced views of academic and industry experts from around the world are included in the two volumes of papers. Insights are provided into the experiences of leading researchers and practitioners in applying modelling and optimization to the management of water quantity and quality. The topics covered are: advanced modelling techniques, risk management, process control and optimization, with particular emphasis on the development and implementation of emerging technologies. Application areas include both water supply and waste water disposal.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       xvii
Data to knowledge-the new scientific paradigm 3 (12)
V. Babovic
M. Keijzer
Making decisions that matter with water 15 (18)
quality models
M. Brandt
J. Creasey
R. Perkins
Water hammer in distribution networks 33 (6)
B. W. Karney
Emerging technologies in the water industry 39 (26)
C. Maksimovic
D. Butler
N. Graham
Integrating the IT environment 65 (8)
G. Thompson
A loop based simulator and implicit 75 (14)
J. H. Andersen
R. S. Powell
Dispersion of mass in intermittent laminar 89 (14)
flow through a pipe
S. G. Buchberger
Y. Lee
L. G. Bloom
B. W. Rolf
A dynamic hydraulic model for water 103 (22)
distribution network simulation
E. J. Dunlop
Small-scale models for validation of CFD in 125 (16)
water applications
J. Hague
C. T. Ta
M. J. Biggs
Hiper Water: A high performance computing 141 (14)
EPANET-based demonstrator for water network
simulation and leakage minimisation
V. Hernandez
F. Martinez
A. M. Vidal
J. M. Alonso
F. Alvarruiz
D. Guerrero
P. A. Ruiz
J. Vercher
Construction and use of a dynamic simulation 155 (20)
model for the Valencia metropolitan water
supply and distribution network
F. Martinez
M. Signes
R. Savall
M. Andres
R. Ponz
P. Conejos
Developing real-time models of water 175 (12)
distribution systems
C. Orr
P. F. Boulos
C. T. Stern
P. E. P. Liu
A heuristic approach to the design of looped 187 (10)
water distribution networks
E. Todini
Adapting models and databases for water 199 (16)
network audits
C. Balmaseda
E. Cabrera
P. Iglesias
E. Jr. Cabrera
J. V. Ribelles
Evidence supporting the Poisson pulse 215 (14)
hypothesis for residential water demands
S. G. Buchberger
Y. Lee
Application of network modelling for 229 (14)
operational management of water distribution
R. Burrows
G. S. Crowder
J. Zhang
Linking SCADA to a hydraulic and water 243 (16)
quality simulator at the `Centre des
Mouvements de I'eau' (CEM) in Paris, France
V. Tiburce
P. Chopard
J. Hamon
C. Elain
A. Green
Hydraulic characteristics of pressure 259 (10)
reducing valves for maximum reduction of
leakage in water supply networks
L. F. R. Reis
F. H. Chaudhry
Data collection for water distribution 271 (8)
network calibration
I. Ahmed
K. Lansey
J. Araujo
A clustering technique for parameter 279 (8)
estimation in pipe flow network models
A. Bascia
D. Termini
T. Tucciarelli
Leakage detection in single pipelines using 287 (14)
pressure wave behaviour
D. Covas
H. Ramos
Optimal logger density in water distribution 301 (8)
network calibration
W. de Schaetzen
M. Randall-Smith
D. A. Savic
G. A. Walters
A spatial sampling procedure for physical 309 (8)
diagnosis in a drinking water supply network
O. Piller
B. Bremond
P. Morel
Inverse transient calibration of water 317 (10)
distribution systems using genetic algorithms
K. Tang
B. Karney
M. Pendlebury
F. Zhang
Using a Kalman filter approach for looped 327 (10)
water distribution networks calibration
E. Todini
Pressure surge implications for the emergency 339 (16)
pipeline from the Dolgarrog hydroelectric
installation to the Bryn Cowlyd water supply
A. P. Boldy
The interaction between surge and control for 355 (8)
large pipelines-practical implications and
use of modelling techniques
A. P. E. Green
Water hammer in pipe network: two case studies 363 (14)
B. W. Karney
B. Brunone
On simplifying the modelling of transients in 377 (24)
drinking water distribution systems
I. Pothof
Review of standards and ground-rules on 401 (12)
transients and leak detection
I. Pothof
Micro hydropower plant behaviour in water 413 (12)
conveyance systems
H. Ramos
A. Borga
D. Covas
The simulation of transients in 425 (12)
hydro-automatic systems under flow control
T. Y. Sheronosova
V. V. Tarasevich
Optimal control of slow transients in water 437 (10)
distribution networks using linear quadratic
regulator theory
R. S. Souza
F. H. Chaudhry
Fuzzy expert system model for the operation 449 (10)
of an urban water supply system
P. L. Angel R.
J. A. Hernandez R.
J. J. Agudelo R.
Management system for the control of urban 459 (8)
water supply in Cordoba City (Argentina)
F. A. Delgadino
S. M. Reyna
M. Herz
J. Torres
A. Rodriguez
C. P. Depauli
G. Barrera Buteler
E. Helmbrecht
M. L. Juarez
C. Orona
On-line monitoring and control of water 467 (8)
distribution networks
K. Edwards
R. Kirby
Open loop and closed loop pressure control 475 (12)
for leakage reduction
B. Ulanicki
P. L. M. Bounds
J. P. Rance
L. Reynolds
D. AN.A.I.S-an original real time expert 487 (14)
model controlling the water supply aqueduct
of the Greater Athens area
L. S. Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia
S. Politaki
Use of genetic algorithms within a 503 (6)
reinforcement learning model for multiple
reservoir operation
F. J.-C. Bouchart
E. Hampartzoumian
Control of water levels in polder areas using 509 (10)
neural networks and fuzzy adaptive systems
A. H. Lobbrecht
D. P. Solomatine
Computing spatial variation of algae in water 519 (10)
supply reservoirs
N. R. B. Olsen
R. D. Hedger
S. E. Heslop
D. G. George
Deterministic-stochastic modeling of water 529 (10)
supply reservoirs
S. Tomic
D. A. Savic
Performance indicators for water storage tanks 539 (12)
J. J. van der Walt
J. Haarhoff
Index 551