Environmental Impact of Fertilizer on Soil and Water (Acs Symposium Series)


Environmental Impact of Fertilizer on Soil and Water (Acs Symposium Series)

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Full Description

Fertilizers contribute to the variety, abundance, and low cost of food stuffs available to the public. However, fertilizer misuse can lower air, soil, and water quality. Regulators are scrutinizing fertilizers now more than ever because of their impact on the environment. This book provides an analysis of perchlorate in highly dissolved solid matrices and health issues of trace metals in fertilizers. This book focuses on nutrient impacts to water and theenvironment. Contributors include state and federal regulators, industry professionals, environmental consultants, and those in academia.


PrefaceDetection and Prevalence of Percholate Ion in Fertilizers1 Environmental Analysis of Inorganc Anions and Percholate by Ion Chromatography: Peter E. Jackson, Dave Thomas, and Kirk Chassaniol: 2 Assessment of Percholate in Fertilizers: Edward Todd Urbansky: 3 Percholate in Fertilizer? A Product Defense Story: Linda D. Weber, Wayne P. Robarge, William L. Hall, Jr., and Dave Averitt: 4 Reduction of Percholae Levels of Sodium and Potassium Nitrates Derived from Natural Caliche Ore: A. Lauterbach: Detection and Assessment of Trace Metals in Fertilizers5 Regulation of Heavy Metals in Fertilizer: The Current State of Analytical Methodology: Peter F. Kane, William L. Hall, Jr., and David Averitt: 6 Determination of Trace Metal Content of Fertilizer Source Materials Produced in North America: Wyane P. Robarge, Dennis Boos, and Charles Proctor: 7 Trace Metal Content of Commercial Fertilizers Marketed in Lebanon: Isam Bashour, Chada Hannoush, and Nasri Kawar: 8 Modeling the Distribution of Aluminum Speciations in Soil Water Equilibria with Mineral Phase Jurbanite: C.Y. Wang, S.P. Bi, W. Tang, N. Gan, R. Xu, and L.X. Wen: 9 Cadmium Accumulation in Wheat and Potato from Phosphate and Water-Derived Zinc Fertilizers: W.L. Pan, R.G. Stevens, and K.A. Labno: 10 Health Risk Assessment for Metals in Inorganic Fertilizers: Development and Use in Risk Management: Daniel M. Woltering: Measurement, Impact, and Management of Fertilizer Nutrients11 Inorganic Nutrient Use in the United States: Past and Present: W.M. Stewart: 12 Documenting Nitrogen Leaching and Runoff Losses from Urban Landscapes: J.L. Cisar, J.E. Erickson, G.H. Snyder, J.J. Haydu, and J.C. Violin: 13 New Tools for the Analysis and Characterization of Slow-Release Fertilizers: J.B. Sartain, W.L. Hall, Jr., R.C. Littell, and E.W. Hopwood: 14 Impact of High-Yield, Site-Specific Agriculture on Nutrient Efficiency and the Environment: Harold F. Reetz, Jr.: 15 Assessing the Water Quality Impacts of Phosphorus in Runoff from Agriculture Lands: G. Fred Lee and Anne Jones-Lee: 16 Fertility Management Effects on RUnoff Losses of Phosphorus: H.A. Torbert and K.N. Potter: 17 Environmental and Agronomic Fate of Fertilizer Nitrogen: Robert G. Hoeft: 18 Working Together to Make the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Nonpoint Source Program Effective and Efficient: Thomas E. Davenport: IndexesAuthor IndexSubject Index