Exploring People of the New Testament (John Phillips Bible Characters Series)


Exploring People of the New Testament (John Phillips Bible Characters Series)

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 430 p.
  • 言語 ENG,ENG
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Full Description

Readers of this last volume in the series will gain fresh insight into the lives of more than forty people from the New Testament, including well-known characters such as Mary, Peter, and John, and lesser-known characters such as Anna and Nathanael. Includes outlines and numerous illustrations and quotations.

Table of Contents

    Mary: The Virgin Mother of Christ              7  (9)
Herod: ``The Great,'' So Called 16 (10)
Joseph: Husband of Mary 26 (8)
The Leper and His Cry 34 (8)
Simeon: A Godly Watcher 42 (9)
Anna: A Bold Herald of Christ's Coming 51 (9)
John the Baptist 60 (9)
Herod Agrippa I: A Murderous Hand 69 (8)
Peter in the Spotlight 77 (17)
John the Beloved 94 (9)
James: The Son of Zebedee 103(8)
Nathanael the Guileless 111(8)
Simon the Zealot 119(8)
Matthew: The Tax Collector 127(10)
Judas and His Crime 137(9)
Jude the Obscure 146(8)
Andrew: The Soulwinner 154(9)
Philip the Plodder 163(8)
James the Less 171(8)
Thomas the Twin 179(8)
Philip: The Dynamic Deacon 187(9)
James: The Lord's Brother 196(9)
Nicodemus: A Man Born Twice 205(10)
The Woman at the Well 215(9)
The Prodigal Son 224(9)
The Elder Brother 233(9)
The Ten Lepers 242(9)
The Good Samaritan 251(9)
Three Rich Men 260(9)
Lazarus: Recalled to Life 269(10)
Caiaphas: The Crooked High Priest 279(12)
Pilate: Caesar's Friend 291(8)
Simon: The Cyrenian Who Carried the Cross 299(9)
The Man Who Crucified Christ 308(9)
Barabbas and His Cross 317(8)
The Dying Thief and His Faith 325(10)
Ananias and Sapphira: Liars Both 335(9)
Stephen: The First Martyr 344(8)
Cornelius: The Noblest Roman 352(8)
Barnabas: A Christian Gentleman 360(10)
Saul of Tarsus: Apostle to the World 370(9)
Paul: The Ablest Apostle 379(9)
Onesimus: A Runaway Slave 388(9)
Simon the Sorcerer: A Deceiver 397(8)
Doctor Luke: Paul's Physician 405(9)
Demas: Paul's Judas 414(9)
Antichrist: Otherwise Called ``the Beast'' 423