Ryogen and Mount Hiei : Japanese Tendai in the Tenth Century (Studies in East Asian Buddhism)

Ryogen and Mount Hiei : Japanese Tendai in the Tenth Century (Studies in East Asian Buddhism)

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Focuses on the transformation of the Tendai School from a small and impoverisched group of monks in the early ninth century to its emergence as the most powerful and influential school in Japanese Buddhism in the last half of the tenth century.

Table of Contents

        List of Tables and Figures                 ix
Preface xi
Abbreviations xv
Ryogen's Place in the History of the Tendai 1 (14)
The Early History of Factionalism within the 15 (30)
Tendai School: From Saicho through the
Mid-tenth Century
Ryogen's Early Years 45 (11)
Ryogen's Rise to Prominence 56 (15)
Ryogen and the Fujiwaras: Patronage and 71 (23)
Esoteric Buddhist Ritual
The Owa Debates 94 (24)
Ryogen's Appointments as Head of the Tendai 118(10)
School and to the Office of Monastic Affairs
The Significance of Ryogen's Revival of the 128(39)
Examination System
Rebuilding the Tendai Establishment on Mount 167(23)
Ryogen as Zasu: Financing the Spread of 190(28)
Tendai Influence
Factionalism and Ryogen's Efforts to Control 218(27)
the Order
Ryogen and the Role of Nuns in Ninth- and 245(44)
Tenth-century Japan
Epilogue: Ryogen's Posthumous Career 289(16)
Appendix 1. Ennin and Yokawa 305(6)
Appendix 2. A Note on Morosuke's Interests 311(2)
Appendix 3. Dying Instructions of the Great 313(14)
Archbishop Jie
Appendix 4. Takamitsu's Retreat to Tonomine 327(4)
Appendix 5. A Record of the Owa Debates 331(6)
Appendix 6. Ten Doubts concerning the Hosso 337(4)
Appendix 7. Zoga as an Eccentric 341(4)
Appendix 8. Invocation of Tendai Abbot Ryogen 345(22)
Notes 367(96)
Glossary 463(28)
Bibliography 491(20)
Index 511