History Begins at Sumer : Thirty-Nine 'Firsts' in Recorded History (3TH)


History Begins at Sumer : Thirty-Nine 'Firsts' in Recorded History (3TH)

  • 提携先の海外書籍取次会社に在庫がございます。通常2週間で発送いたします。
    1. 納期遅延や、ご入手不能となる場合が若干ございます。
    2. 複数冊ご注文の場合、分割発送となる場合がございます。
    3. 美品のご指定は承りかねます。

  • 提携先の海外書籍取次会社に在庫がございます。通常約2週間で発送いたします。
    1. 納期遅延や、ご入手不能となる場合が若干ございます。
    2. 複数冊ご注文の場合、分割発送となる場合がございます。
    3. 美品のご指定は承りかねます。
  • 【重要:入荷遅延について】

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Full Description

Which civilization had the first system of law? The first formal educational system? The first tax cut? The first love song? The answers were found in excavations of ancient Sumer, a society so developed, resourceful, and enterprising that it, in a sense, created history. The book presents a cross section of the Sumerian "firsts" in all the major fields of human endeavor, including government and politics, education and literature, philosophy and ethics, law and justice, agriculture and medicine, even love and family.History Begins at Sumer is the classic account of the achievements of the Sumerians, who lived in what is now southern Iraq during the third millennium B.C. They were the developers of the cuneiform system of writing, perhaps their greatest contribution to civilization, which allowed laws and literature to be recorded for the first time.

Table of Contents

Preface to the First Edition                       ix
List of Illustrations xiii
Photographic Sources xvii
Introduction xix
Education: The First Schools 3 (7)
Schooldays: The First Case of 10 (4)
Father and Son: The First Case of Juvenile 14 (4)
International Affairs: The First ``War of 18 (12)
Government: The First Bicameral Congress 30 (6)
Civil War in Sumer: The First Historian 36 (9)
Social Reform: The First Case of Tax Reduction 45 (6)
Law Codes: The First ``Moses'' 51 (5)
Justice: The First Legal Precedent 56 (4)
Medicine: The First Pharmacopoeia 60 (5)
Agriculture: The First ``Farmer's Almanac'' 65 (5)
Horticulture: The First Experiment in 70 (5)
Shade-Tree Gardening
Philosophy: Man's First Cosmogony and 75 (26)
Ethics: The First Moral Ideals 101 (10)
Suffering and Submission: The First ``Job'' 111 (5)
Wisdom: The First Proverbs and Sayings 116 (8)
``Aesopica'': The First Animal Fables 124 (8)
Logomachy: The First Literary Debates 132 (9)
Paradise: The First Biblical Parallels 141 (7)
A Flood: The First ``Noah'' 148 (6)
Hades: The First Tale of Resurrection 154 (14)
Slaying of the Dragon: The First ``St. 168 (13)
Tales of Gilgamesh: The First Case of 181 (42)
Literary Borrowing
Epic Literature: Man's First Heroic Age 223 (22)
To the Royal Bridegroom: The First Love Song 245 (5)
Book Lists: The First Library Catalogue 250 (5)
World Peace and Harmony: Man's First Golden 255 (4)
Ancient Counterparts of Modern Woes: The 259 (11)
First ``Sick'' Society
Destruction and Deliverance: The First 270 (7)
Liturgic Laments
The Ideal King: The First Messiahs 277 (7)
Shulgi of Ur: The First Long-Distance Champion 284 (5)
Poetry: The First Literary Imagery 289 (14)
The Sacred Marriage Rite: The First Sex 303 (22)
Weeping Goddesses: The First Mater Dolorosa 325 (4)
U-a a-u-a: The First Lullaby 329 (4)
The Ideal Mother: Her First Literary Portrait 333 (3)
Three Funeral Chants: The First Elegies 336 (6)
The Pickaxe and the Plow: Labor's First 342 (6)
Home of the Fish: The First Aquarium 348 (10)
Corrigenda and Addenda to the Second Edition 351 (7)
Glossary 358 (11)
Appendix A: A Curse and a Map: New Gleanings 369 (12)
from the Tablets of Sumer
Appendix B: The Origin of the Cuneiform System 381
of Writing: Comments on the Illustrations