Container Succulents : Creative Ideas for Beginners


Container Succulents : Creative Ideas for Beginners

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  • 製本 Paperback:紙装版/ペーパーバック版/ページ数 96 p.
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Full Description

Container Succulents is the perfect book for container gardening beginners who don't have a lot of space to work with. The beautiful photographs of succulent decor are sure to inspire your inner gardener, interior designer and all-around house plant lover. Learn how to care for and display individual succulent varieties, or get creative with groupings that combine multiple plants with complementary colours, shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer a garden that is simple or intricate, this book covers all the basics of container selection and succulent care to ensure healthy plants. This book shows you how to: Use the colours and textures of your containers to enhance the tones and textures of the succulents to create stunning visual combinations; Repurpose old cans and kitchenware to create interesting and healthy new homes for your succulents; Use unconventional and openwork containers (like an antique birdcage) to add a new dimension to a composition; Plant succulents in antique urns and pedestals for a touch of the unexpected; Use traditional planters and baskets to create interesting design effects; Create attractive soil surfaces and use cuttings to create original arrangements; And much more! Each arrangement includes a floor plan showing you how to mix the colours, shapes and textures in ways that are pleasing to the eye and healthy for the plants. A reference guide to over 120 succulent varieties explains the different plants' characteristics to help you create compatible groupings. Even succulent beginners can get involved in this low-maintenance gardening trend. With the help of this inspirational guide, anyone can have a beautiful succulent garden in no time at all!

Table of Contents

Preface                                            5 (1)
The Characteristics and Charms of Succulents 6 (8)
Chapter I Making the Most of Succulents'
Using Spreading Types 14(2)
Using Types that Grow Vertically 16(2)
Using Clumping Types 18(2)
Using Trailing Types 20(2)
Mixing Various Types 22(2)
Bringing Types with Soft Textures Together 24(2)
Bringing Popular Echeveria Together 26(2)
Using only Sedums 28(2)
Using only Haworthia 30(2)
Planting Pots for the Pleasure of
Changing Leaf Colors and Blooms
Sedum Pachyphyllum with its Adorable 32(1)
Yellow Blooms
The Beautiful Red and White of Crassula 33(3)
Chapter II The Charms of Various Styles of
Group Plantings
Soft and Natural: A Basket of Succulents 36(2)
with Movement
Country Style: Colorful Succulents in a 38(2)
Plain Wooden Box
An Air Of Sophisticated Chic: Gray-Toned 40(2)
Succulents in a Pure White Pot
Gently Refreshing: A Green Cake Tin Holds 42(2)
Similarly-Hued Succulents
Antique Atmosphere: Chic Succulents in a 44(2)
Pedestal-Base Container
Tapestry Garden Style: Rosette-Form 46(2)
Succulents in a Basket
Gardening Style: Various Types of 48(2)
Succulents in a Watering Can
Pop Art Color: Succulents Bring Out the 50(4)
Colors of Empty Cans
Chapter III Ideas for Group Plantings that
Match their Surroundings
Reusing Empty Cans 54(2)
Create Two Different Worlds by Lining
Up Little Containers
A Collection of Mini Pots Made of Glass 56(1)
A Collection of Chic Mini Pots 57(1)
Group Plantings that Set Off a Pot's
Using Deep Pots 58(1)
Using Shallow Pots 59(1)
A Colorful Symbol of Welcome for an 60(2)
Entrance Way
A Birdcage Becomes a Little Objet 62(2)
Group Planting with Little Pieces of 64(2)
Group Planting in a Basket to Create a 66(2)
Miniature Garden
Using a Frame-Like Planter for a 3D Feel 68(2)
A Colorful Wreath for a Tabletop 70(2)
Creating a Wall Decoration from Cuttings 72(2)
Creating a Bouquet from Cuttings 74(2)
A Post-Bouquet Group Planting 76(2)
Turning Cuttings into a Wreath for the 78(3)
Illustrated Reference Guide to Succulents 81
Column 1 Other Ways to Enjoy Succulents: 34(18)
Planting with Flowers; Planting in the
Column 2 Handmade `Pots' Make Group 52(28)
Planting More Fun!
Column 3 Making the Base for a Popular 80
The Basics of Group Planting
The Basics of Group Planting for 10(1)
Two Methods for Achieving Attractive 11(1)
Group Plantings
Preparing Seedlings to Suit the Planting 12(80)
Space Ideas for Attractive Soil Surfaces
Basic Knowledge
Essential Equipment for Group Plantings 92(1)
Types of Pots
Types of Soil 93(1)
Everyday Care for Growing Attractive 94(1)
Maintaining Plants' Shape Increasing Stock 95