American Anthropology, 1946-1970 : Papers from the American Anthropologist


American Anthropology, 1946-1970 : Papers from the American Anthropologist

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Full Description

From the early Cold War years through the social unrest and activism of the 1960s, American anthropology expanded considerably in size and outreach, becoming spectacularly global and cross-cultural in its interests. Complex societies and communities became increasingly popular subjects of inquiry; the influence of sociological methods upon fieldwork and interpretation grew; a reimagined cultural evolution emerged; and a pervasive interest in the broader forces of culture change shaped research, writing, and theory throughout the quarter century. A dynamic range of schools of anthropological thought flowered-cultural ecology, structural-functionalism, ethnoscience, and, in the last years of the era, French structuralism. The American Anthropological Association became a forum of political debate in the 1960s, and its membership included more people of color but fewer women than previously. The twenty-two selections in this volume highlight the many telling achievements and enduring insights in American anthropology during the first few decades after World War II. An introduction to these essays by Robert F. Murphy provides a historical and critical backdrop for understanding the changes and continuity in American anthropology during this time.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Quarter Century of American        1  (31)
Robert F. Murphy
The Scope of Linguistics 32 (16)
C. F. Voegelin
Z. S. Harris
The Definition and Prohibition of Incest 48 (25)
Leslie A. White
Cultural Causality and Law: A Trial 73 (32)
Formulation of the Development of Early
Julian H. Steward
Navaho and Zuni Veterans: A Study of 105(18)
Contrasting Modes of Culture Change
John Adair
Evon Vogt
Witchcraft in Four African Societies: An 123(14)
Essay in Comparison
S. F. Nadel
The Structure of Unilineal Descent Groups 137(30)
Meyer Fortes
Method and Theory in American Archeology: An 167(24)
Operational Basis for Culture-Historical
Philip Phillips
Gordon R. Willey
Social Anthropology and the Method of 191(27)
Controlled Comparison
Fred Eggan
A Problem in Malayo-Polynesian Social 218(17)
Ward H. Goodenough
Types of Latin American Peasantry: A 235(26)
Preliminary Discussion
Eric R. Wolf
The Nature of Deference and Demeanor 261(38)
Erving Goffman
Ecologic Relationships of Ethnic Groups in 299(14)
Swat, North Pakistan
Fredrik Barth
Ritural and Social Change: A Javanese Example 313(29)
Clifford Geertz
The Meaning of Kinship Terms 342(29)
Anthony F. C. Wallace
John Atkins
The Community as Object and As Sample 371(30)
Conrad M. Arensberg
Cultural Ecology and Ethnography 401(8)
Charles O. Frake
Refocusing on the Neanderthal Problem 409(16)
C. Loring Brace
The Concept of Race 425(13)
Ashley Montagu
Earth-Diver: Creation of the Mythopoeic Male 438(25)
Alan Dundes
Descent and Symbolic Filiation 463(16)
Sally Falk Moore
Peasant Society and the Image of Limited Good 479(29)
George M. Foster
Anemic and Emetic Analyses in Social 508
Gerald D. Berreman