E. E. Cummings (Bloom's Major Poets)


E. E. Cummings (Bloom's Major Poets)

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Full Description

Provides critical analysis from several viewpoints of such poems as All in green went my love riding, Memorabilia, and somewhere i have never traveled..

Table of Contents

User's Guide                                       7  (1)
About the Editor 8 (1)
Editor's Note 9 (1)
Introduction 10 (2)
Biography of E. E. Cummings 12 (4)
Critical Analysis of ``All in green went my 16 (3)
love riding''
Critical Views on ``All in green went my 19 (14)
love riding''
Barry Sanders on the Allusions to Diana 19 (1)
Will C. Jumper on the Female Persona 20 (2)
Cora Robey on the Predatory Instinct of 22 (2)
the Female
William V. Davis on the Metaphor of 24 (2)
Romance and Courtship
Irene R. Fairley on Syntactic Deviance 26 (3)
Gary Lane on the Poem as a Medieval 29 (4)
Critical Analysis of ``Memorabilia'' 33 (4)
Critical Views on ``Memorabilia'' 37 (9)
Clyde S. Kilby on Literary and Cultural 37 (1)
Cynthia Barton on the Poem's Structural 38 (1)
H. Seth Finn on Parallels with T. S. 39 (3)
Eliot's ``The Love Song of J. Alfred
Gary Lane on the Fractured Portrait of 42 (4)
Critical Analysis of ``i sing of Olaf glad 46 (3)
and big''
Critical Views on ``i sing of Olaf glad and 49 (10)
Robert E. Wegner on Depth of 49 (1)
Bethany K. Dumas on the Use of 50 (2)
Traditional Meter
Gary Lane on the Reversal of Classical 52 (2)
Michael J. Collins on Formal Allusion 54 (3)
Rushworth M. Kidder on the Effect of 57 (2)
Incongruities in Tone
Critical Analysis of ``somewhere i have 59 (3)
never traveled, gladly beyond''
Critical Views on ``somewhere i have never 62 (10)
traveled, gladly beyond''
Rushworth M. Kidder on Paradox and the 62 (2)
Appearance of Simplicity
David V. Forrest on the Limits of Human 64 (5)
Robert K. Johnson on the Poem as a 69 (3)
Reflection of Cummings's View of Reality
Critical Analysis of ``my father moved 72 (4)
through dooms of love''
Critical Views on ``my father moved through 76 (24)
dooms of love''
Orm Overland on Transcending the Personal 76 (8)
Richard S. Kennedy on the Life and Legacy 84 (5)
of Edward Cummings
Robert E. Maurer on Cummings's 89 (3)
Individualist Syntax
Rushworth M. Kidder on Redemption and the 92 (3)
Heroic Individual
James P. Dougherty on the Third Poetic 95 (5)
Works by E. E. Cummings 100(1)
Works about E. E. Cummings 101(5)
Acknowledgments 106(3)
Index of Themes and Ideas 109