Mental Health and Productivity in the Workplace : A Handbook for Organizations and Clinicians


Mental Health and Productivity in the Workplace : A Handbook for Organizations and Clinicians

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Full Description

Mental Health and Productivity in the Workplace is a comprehensive and practical guide to identifying, understanding, preventing, and resolving individual and organizational mental health problems in the workplace. Originally published as Mental Health in the Workplace (Van Nostrand/Wiley, 1993), this completely revised, updated, and expanded edition represents the most current thinking in the field and contains contributions from an expert panel of organizational and occupational psychiatrists. With fifty percent more chapters, this new edition adds essential material on creating systems and cultures that encourage organizational productivity and employee mental health and on finding cost-effective,quality mental health care. The book focuses on problems that start "at the top" (executive dysfunction) as well as on the effects of organizational structure, office politics, chronic change, downsizing and employment uncertainty, office wide emotional crises, and aspects of organizational development. In addition, this helpful resource includes information about such basic issues as anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and psychosis.


Figures and Tables.Foreword (Marcia Kraft Goin).Preface.PART ONE: THE WORKPLACE AND MENTAL HEALTH.1. Workplace Mental Health Quality: Effective Recognition, Management, Evaluation, Treatment, and Benefits (Jeffrey P. Kahn).2. Mental Health Care Providers and Delivery Systems (Alan M. Langlieb, Anne M. Stoline, Steven S. Sharfstein).3. Cost-Effectiveness, Cost Containment, and Worker Productivity (Alan M. Langlieb, Benjamin G. Druss, Robert Rosenheck).4. Mental Health Ethics and Confidentiality in the Organization (Robert C. Larsen).5. Psychiatry, Productivity, and Health: A Brief History of Psychiatry in the Workplace (Len Sperry, Alan A. McLean).PART TWO: COMMON OCCUPATIONAL CONCERNS.6. Executive Development: Assessment, Coaching, and Treatment (Jeffrey P. Kahn, Len Sperry).7. Executive Distress and Organizational Consequences (Jeffrey P. Kahn, Mark P. Unterberg).8. Job Loss and Employment Uncertainty (Nick Kates, Barrie Sanford Greiff, Duane Q. Hagen).9. Sending Employees and Families Overseas: Mental Health in the Workplace Abroad (Thomas H. Valk).10. Office Politics: The Good the Bad, and the Ugly (Roy H. Lubit, Robert P. Gordon).PART THREE: COMMON ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES.11. How Leadership and Organizational Structure Can Create a Winning Corporate Culture (Howard E. Book).12. A Comprehensive Overview of Organizational Change (Gerald A. Kraines).13. Organizational Consequences of Family Problems (David E. Morrison, David A. Deacon).14. Psychiatric Causes of Workplace Problems (Steven E. Pflanz, Stephen H. Heidel).15. Emotional Crises in the Workplace (Stephen H. Heidel).16. Violence in the Workplace (Ronald Schouten).17. Psychiatric Fitness-for-Duty Examinations (Robert C. Larsen).18. Disability and Workers' Compensation (Brian L. Grant, David B. Robbins).19. Workplace Forensic Psychiatry: The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act (Sara Eddy, Ronald Schouten).20. Organizational Ethics in the Company: Beyond Personal, Professional, and Business Ethics (Len Sperry).PART FOUR: COMMON EMPLOYEE PROBLEMS.21. Anxiety and Stress (Dan J. Stein, Eric Hollander).22. Depression and Burnout (Philip M. Liu, David A. Van Liew).23. Personality: Personalities, Personal Style, and Trouble Getting Along (Mark P. Unterberg).24. Drugs: Abuse and Dependence (Avram H. Mack, Jeffrey S. Rosecan, Richard J. Frances).25. Alcohol: Abuse and Dependence (Carlotta Lief Schuster).26. Psychosis: Peculiar Behaviors and Inflexible Bizarre Beliefs (Corinne Cather, Kim T. Mueser, Donald C. Goff).27. Emotion and Illness: The Psychosomatic Interface (Brian L. Grant).About the Editors.About the Contributors.Name Index.Subject Index.