Black Threads : An African American Quilting Sourcebook

Black Threads : An African American Quilting Sourcebook

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Full Description

This is the first comprehensive guide to African American quilt history and contemporary practices. It offers over 1,700 bibliographic references, many of them annotated, covering exhibit catalogs, books, newspapers, magazines, dissertations, films, novels, poetry, speeches, works of art, advertisements, patterns, greeting cards, auction results, ephemeral items, and online resources on African American quilting. The book also includes primary research done by the author on the Internet usage of African American quilters, a listing of over 100 museums with African American-made quilts in their permanent collections, a directory of African American quilting groups in 29 states, and a detailed timeline that covers 200 years of African American quilting and needle arts events.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Foreword 1 (2)
Introduction 3 (4)
One Million African American 7 (8)
Quilters---Industry Overview
Bibliography and Resources 15 (128)
African American Quilting Books 15 (3)
Books---More References to African 18 (20)
American Quilting, Needlearts and Textiles
Exhibition Catalogues 38 (8)
Magazine, Journal and Newsletter Articles 46 (22)
Newspaper Articles 68 (29)
Dissertations, Theses and Papers 97 (3)
Grant Programs 100(2)
Television, Videos, Films and Slides 102(2)
Speeches, Plays and Music 104(2)
Fiction and Poetry 106(3)
Children's Books 109(4)
Teachers' Guides and Curricula 113(1)
Internet and Directory Resources 114(3)
African American Owned Quilt Stores 117(1)
Other Retail Resources 118(1)
African American Quilting Organizations 118(8)
Quilting and Other Needleart Patterns 126(7)
Visual Arts 133(3)
Miscellaneous Ephemeral and Collectible 136(7)
Museums and Galleries with African American 143(22)
African American Quilters and Internet Usage 165(18)
African American Quilters and Fabric 183(24)
Purchasing: Spending $40.3 Million on Fabric
African American Quilting and Needlearts 207(20)
Timeline, 1800 to 2000
Future Developments in African American 227(6)
Appendix: Quilt Documentation Form 233(2)
Index 235