Miserly Moms : Living on One Income in a Two-Income Economy (3TH)

Miserly Moms : Living on One Income in a Two-Income Economy (3TH)

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Full Description

Jonni McCoy and her family are proof that you live on one income. The McCoys made a successful transition from two incomes to one while living in one of the most expensive parts of America: the San Francisco Bay Area. Her Miserly Guidelines will help you save thousands of dollars a year on everything from groceries to electricity to insurance and household cleaners--as well as reveal the hidden costs of holding a job and common money wasters. Her practical, proven cost-saving techniques, strategies, tips, and recipes will help you live frugally without feeling deprived.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       13 (4)
Preface 17 (2)
Coming Home Stories: What Some Moms Say About 19 (8)
Their Decision
The Eleven Miserly Guidelines 27 (4)
Don't Confuse Frugality With Depriving 31 (3)
Remove Little Wasters of Your Money 34 (8)
Keep Track of Food Prices 42 (4)
Don't Buy Everything at the Same Store 46 (13)
Buy in Bulk Whenever Possible 59 (4)
Make Your Own Whenever Possible 63 (14)
Eliminate Convenience Foods 77 (3)
Cut Back on Meats 80 (9)
Waste Nothing 89 (2)
Institute a Soup and Bread or Baked Potato 91 (5)
Cook Several Meals At Once and Freeze Them 96 (5)
Special Needs 101(3)
Some Great Recipes 104(22)
Be Wary of Warehouse Clubs 126(5)
Stretch the Season 131(6)
Dinner on Meeting Night 137(2)
Birthdays, Holidays, and Special Occasions 139(6)
Baby Care 145(6)
The Cost of Working 151(5)
Clothing 156(3)
Help for the Working Mom 159(4)
The Husband 163(3)
Ten Ways to Get Kids to Save 166(5)
Miscellaneous Tips: photo developing, gas, 171(19)
milk, bread machines, coffee, decorating and
furniture, hair care, cosmetics, vacations,
tools and appliances, paint and varnish,
legal advice, check charges and bank fees,
long-distance phone carriers, seasonal
savings chart
Medical Expenses 190(7)
Utilities 197(11)
Crafts for Kids 208(10)
Safer and Cheaper 218(11)
An Easy $10,000 229(4)
Appendix A: Menu Plans 233(4)
Appendix B: Substitutions, Equivalency Table, 237(4)
and Metric Conversion
Appendix C: Additional Resources 241(4)
Index 245