Organization and Management Problem Solving : A Systems and Consulting Approach


Organization and Management Problem Solving : A Systems and Consulting Approach

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Full Description

James T Ziegenfuss Jr presents a tested model for analyzing organization and management problems and a series of case studies to help the reader apply problem-solving to real experiences.This work is the result of 20 years in consultancy and uses case studies from the public and private sectors to illustrate each of the five categories of problems: technical; structural; psychosocial; managerial; and cultural. The variety and depth of the cases is purposeful, reflecting what real teams and managers face.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments                        ix
Organizational Systems Thinking and Problem 1 (50)
Needs for Problem Solving and Consulting 6 (1)
The Nature of Problems 7 (2)
Organizational and Sociotechnical Systems 9 (12)
Organizational Systems and Development 21 (3)
Stakeholders 24 (1)
Action Research and Organizational 25 (2)
Problem Solving and Consultation Phases, 27 (4)
Interventions, and Engagement Questions
Problem Solving Actions: Philosophy and 31 (2)
Style of Interventions
Problem Solvers: Consultant Types and Roles 33 (10)
Consultant Skills and Competencies 43 (3)
Problem-Solving Outcomes 46 (2)
Analyzing Engagements: The Case Report 48 (3)
Solving Product and Technical Problems 51 (50)
The Hospital Laboratory Feasibility Case 54 (7)
Displaced Workers 61 (24)
Library Use 85 (10)
Computers in High School: Oakton School 95 (3)
Westside Hospital: Services Distribution 98 (1)
The Ford/Firestone Problem 99 (2)
Solving Structural Problems 101(54)
Sanitation Service: Sanicorp Compensation 104(7)
University Reorganization 111(16)
Matrix Design: Church and Community Services 127(17)
A High School Merger in a Suburban School 144(8)
Southwest Airlines Expands 152(3)
Solving Psychosocial System Problems 155(28)
Fedstate Medical Center Morale Study 157(8)
Communication at the Airline Owners 165(5)
Intergroup Conflict: National 170(1)
The Bad Bank Board Director at Community 171(1)
An Engineering Department's Problem 172(9)
Marriott and the Start-up Hotel 181(2)
Solving Managerial System Problems 183(80)
Medical Department Strategic Planning 186(9)
Labor-Management Needs Assessment 195(25)
Clinic Merger Case 220(31)
Branches for Citibank 251(1)
Motorcars and Leadership Development 252(1)
Charter Schools: Organization and 253(10)
Management Development
Solving Cultural System Problems 263(32)
The Softball Game 267(3)
Applied Research Labs 270(8)
Innovation in the Culture at AutoPoint 278(7)
Culture Clash Undercuts Merger 285(6)
Diversity in the Corporate Culture: Office 291(1)
Logistics and Supply
Cultural Ethics and Values in a Nonprofit 292(3)
References 295(10)
Index 305(5)
About the Author 310