Education and College (Teen Decisions)

Education and College (Teen Decisions)

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Full Description

The decisions that teens make about their high school education and college can have lifelong ramifications. This anthology provides stories and information on surviving high school, selecting and applying to colleges, and alternative education paths.

Table of Contents

Foreword                                           6  (2)
Introduction 8 (13)
Surviving High School
Tips from the High School Trenches 21 (3)
Efrat Hakak
Surviving and Thriving in High School 24 (9)
Melissa M. Ezarik
How to Build a Strong Academic Record 33 (9)
The Consequences of ``Senioritis'' 42 (4)
Jennifer Mrozowski
Why You Should Stay in School 46 (5)
Julianne Dueber
Experiences of a High School Dropout 51 (9)
Diana Moreno
Choosing a College
Finding the Right Match for You 60 (7)
Frank C. Leana
How Misaligned Ambitions Can Lead to Poor 67 (7)
College Choices
Barbara Schneider
David Stevenson
The Top Ten Worst Reasons for Selecting a 74 (4)
Joseph A. Fantozzi Sr.
Looking Beyond the Most Selective Schools 78 (3)
Edward Tenner
Choosing a Women's College 81 (3)
BriAnne Dopart
Money Concerns and Financial Aid 84 (5)
Anne Austin
Point of Contention: Should Most Students 89 (11)
Be Advised to Go to College?
Katharine Hansen
Richard Rothstein
The Admissions Game
Advice from High School Seniors on 100(7)
Applying to College
Ashley Rudolph
Philip Rucker
College Admissions Experts Discuss What 107(5)
Makes a Winning Application
Devon Powers
Questions and Answers About College 112(4)
Application Essays
G. Gary Ripple
How Your Guidance Counselor Can Help 116(3)
Rachel Hartigan Shea
Is Early Decision for You? 119(7)
Constance Faye Mudore
Alternatives to the Four-Year College
Choosing Not to Go to College 126(5)
Betsy Rubiner
A Detour Before College 131(8)
Tracey Randinelli
Taking Time Off for Volunteer Work 139(8)
Colin Hall
Ron Lieber
Community Colleges 147(5)
Pat Ordovensky
Vocational Schools and Apprenticeships 152(6)
Julianne Dueber
Point of Contention: Is Joining the 158(9)
Military a Good Way to Obtain an
Organizations and Websites 167(3)
Bibliography 170(3)
Index 173