Australian Vegetation (2 SUB)

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Australian Vegetation (2 SUB)

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Full Description

Australian vegetation has interested botanists and naturalists since Europeans first encountered Australia and its plant life. This 1994 edition of Australian Vegetation reviews the vegetation of the continent as a whole. In the introductory section, chapters on phytogeography, vegetation history and alien plants set the scene for further sections covering all the major vegetation types. The plant life of extreme Australian habitats is also discussed, and the book closes with a chapter on the conservation of Australian vegetation. Each chapter, written by experts on each particular habitat type, will inform and stimulate the interests of students and professional botanists, especially those fortunate enough to see for themselves the unique vegetation and flora of Australia.

Table of Contents

Preface to First Edition
Preface to Second Edition
Map to show the natural vegetation of Australia
Part I. Introduction: 1. Phytogeography of the
Australian region B. A. Barlow
2. Quaternary vegetation history J. R. Dodson
3. Alien plants P. W. Michael
Part II. Major Vegetation Types: 4. The
rainforests of northern Australia L. J. Webb
and J. G. Tracey
5. Southern rainforests J. R. Busby and M. J.
6. Tall open-forests D. H. Ashton and P. M.
7. Patterns and processes in open-forests of
Eucalyptus in southern Australia A. M. Gill
8. Woodlands A. N. Gillison
9. Acacia open-forests, woodlands and
shrublands R. W. Johnson and W. H. Burrows
10. Eucalyptus scrubs and shrublands R. F.
11. Heathlands R. L. Specht
12. Chenopod shrublands J. H. Leigh
13. Natural grasslands J. J. Mott and R. H.
Part III. Vegetation of Extreme Habitats: 14.
Saltmarsh and mangrove P. Adam
15. Aquatic vegetation of inland wetlands M. A.
16. Alpine and sub-alpine vegetation R. J.
Williams and A. B. Costin
17. Coastal dune vegetation P. Clarke
Part IV. Conservation: 18. Biodiversity and
conservation R. L. Specht