The Selected Works of J. Frank Adams 〈002〉

The Selected Works of J. Frank Adams 〈002〉

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 1992.

Table of Contents

1. On formulae of Thom and Wu
2. On Chern characters and the structure of the
unitary group
3. Chern characters revisited and the structure
of the unitary group
4. Chern characters revisited and addendum
5. The Hurewicz homomorphism for MU and BP
6. Hopf algebras of co-operators for real and
complex K-theory
7. Operations of the Nth kind in K-theory
8. Operations on K-theory of torsion-free spaces
9. Stable operations on complex K-theory
10. Primitive elements in the K-theory of BSU
11. A finiteness theorem in homological algebra
12. A periodicity theorem in homological algebra
13. Modules over the Steenrod algebra
14. Sub-Hopf-algebras of the Steenrod algebra
15. What we don't know about RP

16. Calculations of Lin's Ext groups
17. The Segal conjecture for elementary abelian
18. The sphere considered as an H-space mod p
19. H-spaces with few cells
20. Finite H-spaces and Lie groups
21. Spin(8) triality, F4 and all that
22. The fundamental representations of E8
23. 2-tori in E8
Maps between classifying spaces I, II, and III
24. Maps between p-completed classifying spaces
25. An example in homotopy theory
26. A variant of E. H. Brown's representability
27. Idempotent functors in homotopy theory
28. The Kahn-Priddy theorem
29. Uniquenesss of BSO
30. Graeme Segal's Burnsides ring conjecture
31. A generalisation of the Segal conjecture
32. A generalisation of the Atiyah-Segal
completion theorem
33. Atomic spaces and spectra
34. Two theorems of J. Lannes
35. The work of M. J. Hopkins.