Alexander to Actium : The Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age (Hellenistic Culture & Society) (Reprint)

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Alexander to Actium : The Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age (Hellenistic Culture & Society) (Reprint)

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New in paperback. Hardcover was published in 1990.

Full Description

The Hellenistic Age, the three extraordinary centuries from the death of Alexander in 323 B. C. to Octavian's final defeat of Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium, has offered a rich and variegated field of exploration for historians, philosophers, economists, and literary critics. Yet few scholars have attempted the daunting task of seeing the period whole, of refracting its achievements and reception through the lens of a single critical mind. Alexander to Actium was conceived and written to fill that gap. In this monumental work, Peter Green--noted scholar, writer, and critic--breaks with the traditional practice of dividing the Hellenistic world into discrete, repetitious studies of Seleucids, Ptolemies, Antigonids, and Attalids. He instead treats these successor kingdoms as a single, evolving, interrelated continuum. The result clarifies the political picture as never before. With the help of over 200 illustrations, Green surveys every significant aspect of Hellenistic cultural development, from mathematics to medicine, from philosophy to religion, from literature to the visual arts.Green offers a particularly trenchant analysis of what has been seen as the conscious dissemination in the East of Hellenistic culture, and finds it largely a myth fueled by Victorian scholars seeking justification for a no longer morally respectable imperialism. His work leaves us with a final impression of the Hellenistic Age as a world with haunting and disturbing resemblances to our own. This lively, personal survey of a period as colorful as it is complex will fascinate the general reader no less than students and scholars.

Table of Contents

        List of Maps                               xiii
Preface and Acknowledgments xv
Perdiccas, Eumenes, Cassander, 323--316 3 (18)
Antigonus One-Eye's Bid for Empire, 316--301 21 (15)
Demetrius of Phaleron: The Philosopher-King 36 (16)
in Action
Zeno, Diogenes, Epicurus, and Political 52 (13)
Theophrastus, Menander, and the 65 (15)
Transformation of Attic Comedy
The Politics of Royal Patronage: Early 80 (12)
Ptolemaic Alexandria
Early Hellenistic Art and Its Antecedents, 92 (27)
380--270: Space, Pathos, Realism; or, The
Horse as Critic
The Division of the Spoils, 301--276 119 (16)
PART TWO. THE ZENITH CENTURY, 276--222 B.C. 135 (132)
Ptolemy Philadelphos and Antigonus Gonatas, 137 (18)
The New Urban Culture: Alexandria, Antioch, 155 (16)
The Critic as Poet: Callimachus, Aratus of 171 (16)
Soli, Lycophron
Kingship and Bureaucracy: The Government of 187 (14)
the Successor Kingdoms
Armchair Epic: Apollonius Rhodius and the 201 (15)
Voyage of Argo
Events in the West: Sicily, Magna Graecia, 216 (17)
Urbanized Pastoralism, or vice versa: The 233 (15)
Idylls of Theocritus, the Mimes of Herodas
The Road to Sellasia, 239--222 248 (19)
PART THREE. PHALANX AND LEGION, 221--168 B.C. 267 (166)
Polybius and the New Era 269 (17)
Antiochus III, Philip V, and the Roman 286 (26)
Factor, 221--196
The Spread of Hellenism: Exploration, 312 (24)
Assimilation, Colonialism; or, The Dog That
Barked in the Night
Middle-Period Hellenistic Art, 270--150: Si 336 (26)
monumentum requiris...
Production, Trade, Finance 362 (20)
The Individual and Society: Slavery, 382 (14)
Revolution, Utopias
Ruler Cults, Traditional Religion, and the 396 (18)
Ambivalence of Tyche
From Cynoscephalae to Pydna: The Decline and 414 (19)
Fall of Macedonia, 196--168
The Wilderness as Peace, 167--146 435 (18)
Mathematics and Astronomy: The Alternative 453 (14)
Technological Developments: Science as Praxis 467 (13)
Hellenistic Medicine; or, The Eye Has Its 480 (17)
Hellenism and the Jews: An Ideological 497 (28)
Resistance Movement?
Ptolemaic and Seleucid Decadence and the Rise 525 (20)
of Parthia, 145--116
PART FIVE. ROME TRIUMPHANT, 116--30 B.C. 545 (138)
Mithridates, Sulla, and the Freedom of the 547 (19)
Greeks, 116--80
Late Hellenistic Art, 150--30: The Mass 566 (20)
Market in Nostalgia
Foreign and Mystery Cults, Oracles, 586 (16)
Astrology, Magic
Academics, Skeptics, Peripatetics, Cynics 602 (16)
The Garden of Epicurus 618 (13)
Stoicism: The Wide and Sheltering Porch 631 (16)
Caesar, Pompey, and the Last of the 647 (36)
Ptolemies, 80--30
Chronology 683 (48)
Genealogical Tables 731 (10)
Notes 741 (168)
Select Bibliography 909 (20)
Index 929