Cyclophane Chemistry : Synthesis, Structures and Reactions

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Cyclophane Chemistry : Synthesis, Structures and Reactions

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Full Description

A compact introduction and critical review of the field of bridged aromatic compounds. Syntheses, stereochemistry and unusual reactions of this class of compounds are surveyed, whereby the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary contexts and the beauty of the molecular architecture are stressed. The book begins with nomenclature, introduces strained hydrocarbons, discusses transannular steric and electronic effects, considers larger ring cyclophanes and ends with calixarenes, spherands, porphyrino phanes, and naturally occurring, exotic and multilayered phanes. It concludes with a modern survey on the topical cyclophane host compounds which are of actual interest in supramolecular chemistry


[n ]Phanes; [2.2]Phanes; [3.3]Phanes; [m.n]Phanes (m, n 2); Multiply Bridged Phanes; Multi-layered Cyclophanes; [m n] [m,n]Phanes; Porphyrinophanes; Protophanes' and Aliphanes'; Exotic Phanes; Naturally Occurring Phanes; Molecular Recognition with Phanes as Host Molecules; Concluding Remarks and Future Outlook; Indexes.