Hemispheric Specialization and Psychological Function

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Hemispheric Specialization and Psychological Function

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Full Description

Drawing extensively on comparative psychology, neurology, clinical and experimental neuropsychology and palaeoanthropology, this book commences with an evolutionary overview, before covering the three major sources of evidence for human lateralization - clinical studies of patients with unilateral injury, the effects of testing one or other cerebral hemisphere when disconnected from its fellow by commissurotomy and studies with normals. After discussing possible models of interhemispheric interaction, and contributions by the right hemisphere to language processes, individual differences are addressed in the context of sex and handedness differences, developmental aspects and cognitive style. The volume has been designed for practitioners in clinical psychology, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, experimental psychology and child psychology.


Asymmetries in non-living and living systems; clinical studies of human cerebral asymmetry; studies with commissurotomies; studies with normals; models of hemispheric interaction; language and the right hemisphere; evolutionary aspects of language and tool use; handedness; sex differences; developmental aspects; hemisphericity and cognitive style.