Handbook of Applicable Mathematics : Supplement (Handbook of Applicable Mathematics)

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Handbook of Applicable Mathematics : Supplement (Handbook of Applicable Mathematics)

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Full Description

The "Handbook of Applicable Mathematics" is not an encyclopedia. Nevertheless, it shares with an encyclopedia the characteristic that it cannot stand still. It must try to be as up-to-date as possible, to include recent applciations of mathematics in industry, engineering and applied science, and to include areas of mathematics which have recently found application. Thus, it must issue supplements in order to maintain its currency. This objective provides the main motivation for this supplementary volume to the set of Core Volumes of the Handbook. All the mathematics topics discussed in the supplement find application in some area of contemporary interest relevant to the concerns of readers of the Handbook. This supplent adheres to the standard policy of presenting the mathematics independently of its potential and actual applications, relying on a comprehensive cross-referencing system to provide the connections with important applications and with other parts of mathematics.


Further number theory; Fibonacci and Lucas numbers; cryptography and cryptanalysis; Catalan numbers and their various uses; integral equations; dynamical systems; control theory; the finite element method; computational complexity; non-cooperative finite games; population structures; queueing and related theory; bootstrap methods; extreme value theory.