Boy Who Loved Windows : Opening the Heart and Mind of a Child Threatened by Autism -- Paperback


Boy Who Loved Windows : Opening the Heart and Mind of a Child Threatened by Autism -- Paperback

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  • 製本 Paperback:紙装版/ペーパーバック版
  • 商品コード 9780470869796

Full Description

The compelling story of Walker Stacey -- a child who triumphed over his autistic tendencies with the dedicated help of his family When in 1996, Patricia Stacey gave birth to her second child, a baby boy, she quickly noticed an emptiness in his gaze -- a vacant quality that emphasized her sense that he was ill at ease in his own body. By the time Walker was five months old, his gaze was obsessively directed towards windows -- light had become his true north. Despite the reassurance of many health professionals that Walker was fine, during the weeks and months that followed the family continued to question the experts, who finally arrived at a diagnosis of "sensory integration problems"; a term inextricably linked with autism. Refusing to accept that this diagnosis would lead to the finality of an autistic disorder, the family dedicated four years to incessantly drawing Walker away from the sirens that seemed to call him inwards, using the latest play--based techniques. Progress was often painfully gradual, and yet sometimes they made astonishing leaps on the back of seemingly bizarre treatments like simply rubbing the roof of Walker's mouth.Not only a story of Walker's development, The Boy Who Loved Windows also follows his parents' journey of understanding and coming to terms with Walker's difficulties. Today, Walker still suffers from allergies and occasional gastrointestinal difficulties, but he has attended a normal preschool and looks forward to everything you would hope for for a child. Not bad for the kid they said would probably never walk or talk.


Acknowledgments. Part 1. Sirens. You'll Have to Wait. Grasping. Part 2. What's in a Face. The World Is Too Much. Reciprocity. The Brain Doesn't Wait. The Game. The Body Is a Map. Part 3. The Questions That Haunted Us. New Clues. A Walk Around the Driveway. The Epidemic. Part 4. Through a Door in the Wall. A Challenge, a Game, a Vocation, a Sentence. Begin with Desire. Tyranny of Attention. Partly Heard Song. Words. The Specter of Loss. Ways to Make a Salad. The Ladder. To Paradise Pond. Exotic Poisons, Unusual Connections. Through Another Door in the Wall. Part 5. Imagining the World. A Close Call. Companions. A Searchlight. The Senses Revisited. Part 6. I Have a Prob'em. Epiphany. What Wrecks This World. A Car Turning Off the Road. Eyes of a Stranger. The Fate of Babies and Pirates. Epilogue. About the Author.