The Gender Intelligent Retailer : Discovering the Indisputable Connection between Women Consumers and Remarkable Business Growth

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The Gender Intelligent Retailer : Discovering the Indisputable Connection between Women Consumers and Remarkable Business Growth

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Full Description

How companies can create a retail environment that's better for everyone by being better for women Women make up the biggest section of the retail market, yet most retail companies do a poor job of serving and satisfying that core constituency. Many retail enterprises view women as a niche market, but at 52 percent of the population, they're anything but. This book shows why reaching women is imperative to retail success, and how businesses can do it properly. Retail Ecology shows retailers how to build a companywide awareness of what women consumers want and how to deliver it through marketing, operations, store layout, product design and development, and even human resources. Retailers who serve women better serve everyone better. Joanne Thomas Yaccato (Toronto, ON, Canada) is President and founder of The Thomas Yaccato Group, a consulting company that helps companies create products, services, and business strategies for women. Sean McSweeney (Toronto, ON, Canada) is the manager of Mountain Equipment Coop's flagship store in Toronto, Canada.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   xvii
Preface xxi
CHAPTER 1: Down on the Farm... 1
Why Retail is Like Farming 1
The Perils of Retail Monoculture 1
Incentive to Maintaining the Status Quo in 5
It is Not about "Marketing-to-Women" 11
Creating an Organic or Gender-Intelligent 12
Retail Ecosystem
CHAPTER 2: The Beaver and the Octopus 15
Men Emulate the Single-Minded Beaver 16
Women Emulate the Multitasking Octopus 17
More Beaver and Octopus... 18
Language Skills 19
Spatial Differences 19
Woman's X-ray Vision 20
Eye Contact in the Nudist Colony 22
The "Thought Process: Women Integrate, Men 22
Advertising Implications 25
Who's Emotional? 26
Women see the Glass Half-Empty 27
The Nurture Side of the Coin 28
It Starts Young 29
The Truth about Time 29
Use a Holistic Health Lens 33
So Here's the "So What?" Part 34
CHAPTER 3: Going Beyond 2 x 4s and Nails 39
Case Study: The Home Depot Canada 41
Step One: Determine Your Company's Current 42
Ecosystem邑here are You on the
Gender-Intelligence Continuum?
Step Two: Organizational 45
Readiness猶reparing to Change Your Internal
Step Three: Develop an Internal Gender 47
Lens裕aking Women Seriously by Recognizing
Consumer-Relevant Gender Differences
Step Four: Develop an Internal Gender Lens 50
to Identify and Control PESTs
Product or Service Development 51
Environment (Store/Office) 52
Sales Tools (Education, Marketing, 53
Training (Face-to-Face Customer Points of 56
CHAPTER 4: Organizational Readiness: So, Who's 61
Driving This Tractor?
Retail's Challenges in Going Organic 62
Just Who is Minding the Store? 62
The MAWG Syndrome 64
Gender Intelligence Requires "Aware" 66
Holding Up the Sacred Cows: Defining Your 69
Company's Current Ecosystem
Will This Cost Me a Fortune? 69
1. The Organic or Gender-Intelligent Retail 70
Case Study: Clutch 73
2. The Evolved Conventional Retail Ecosystem 76
3. The Transitional Retail Ecosystem 82
4. The Goal: Organic or Gender-Intelligent 83
Retail Ecosystem
Common Gender-Intelligent Leadership Themes 85
You're Kidding! Car Insurance? 86
CHAPTER 5: Allstate Transitions to Organic 87
A Woman's Place...? 89
Defining Allstate's Current Ecosystem 90
Converting the Skeptics 91
Creatively Use Best Practices 94
Live in the Customer's High-Heeled Shoes 94
Operationalizing Gender Intelligence 97
Product 97
Product = Peace of Mind 97
Environment 98
Sales Tools 100
Marketing and Advertising 100
The Web 101
The Brand 102
Training 102
Start at the Beginning 102
Reward the Right Behaviour 103
Change Management 104
Reinforce, Reinforce, Reinforce 106
CHAPTER 6: Controlling Your Company's PESTs: 109
Product Development Through a Gender Lens
Today's World of One-Dimensional Product 110
It's that Leadership Thing Again 110
Who's Driving the Product Development Tractor? 112
Is Your "Product Idea Bank" Gender 114
Taking Flight: The Blue Jays 115
A Collaborative Approach to Product 122
Development-Gender-Intelligent Market Research
The Listening Event 124
Asking the Right Questions the Right Way 124
Interpreting the Answers the Right Way 125
The Best Market Research: Staying Close to 125
Your Own Customer
Can I Tell You about Colour? 127
Staying Close to the Customer: Shane Homes 129
Keeping it Real Throughout the Entire 132
Development Process
Gender Intelligence from Beginning to End: 133
Mountain Safety Research
CHAPTER 7: Controlling Your Company's PESTs: 139
The Store Environment
Women and Your Physical Space 139
The Male Beaver and the Female Octopus Go 142
Wayfinding 145
Signage 146
And Yes, Women do Ask for Directions 147
Safe Parking 147
Lighting, The Natural vs Artificial Debate 148
Ergonomics 151
Decent Washrooms 152
Combining High Touch and High Technology 154
Sales Promotion Technology 155
Point-of-Sale Technology 156
Self-Help Kiosks 156
You Can Start Small 159
Case Study: Petro-Canada Gets Neighbourly 163
with Women
Recognizing the Opportunity 163
The C-Store Through a Gender Lens 166
A Day in the Life... 166
The Neighbours Story 171
If I Could Design the Perfect Store... 174
The Outside 174
The Inside 175
Washrooms 176
Technology 176
Customer Service芳ocused Staff 176
What We Found at the Neighbours 177
Exterior Environment 177
Wayfinding 178
Lighting 178
Ergonomics 179
Decent Washrooms 180
Combining High Touch and High Tech 181
Just the Right Colour 182
CHAPTER 8: Controlling Your Company's PESTs: 185
Selling and Communication Tools: Getting Women
to Listen
Selling to Women is Much Mores than Yelling 185
Advertising: An Enormous Pest for Most Women 186
Who are these Women in Brochures, on TV and 189
in Magazines?
What is the Message You are Trying to Get 193
Across to Women?
How can Companies Use Data Women Have Given 195
in a Way that Actually Means Something?
Where do Companies Think Women are? 200
You'll Find them on the Web 201
Meet Our Three Web Greek Goddesses 202
Artemis the Hunter 202
Demeter the Gatherer 203
Hestia the Socializer 204
Sobeys Learns a Little Greek 206
Women's Online "Must-Haves" 209
Where Else Will You Find Women? In the 211
Case Study: Bruce Power 212
Why are Woman Consumers Still Having this 217
CHAPTER 9: Controlling Your Company's PESTs: 221
Creating Gender-Intelligent Points of Contact
The Salespeople PEST 221
Gender-Based Cultures 225
Protecting Your People Investment 226
The Sales Cycle: The Beaver and The Octopus 227
Men Buy, Women Shop 227
Feeling Important Versus Checking Out Fast 228
The Beaver and the Octopus Talk to Each 229
Body Language 229
Ritual Opposition 230
Gender Differences in Negotiation 231
The Power of a Simple Word: Gender-Neutral 233
Tips on Gender-Inclusive Language 234
The Octopus and the Beaver Go Shopping: 236
Creating a Retail Culture Change that 240
Outlasts Employees
A Gender-Intelligent Sales Force Requires 240
Gender-Intelligent Leadership
Bring On the Women! 241
How do You Support This Level of Culture 244
Revise the Interview Process 244
Examine Women's Sales Experience 245
Encourage Gender-Intelligent Creativity 246
CHAPTER 10: Mountain Equipment Co-op: The 247
Organic Standard
The Organic Standard Retailer 247
Mountain Equipment Co-op "It's About the 248
An Unconventional Beginning 249
Determine Your Company's Ecosystem 250
Gender-Intelligent Leadership 254
Green Buildings 256
The Inside 256
Lighting 256
Merchandising Strategy 257
Safety and Parking 258
MEC Puts Gender-Intelligent Product 258
Development on the Radar
Sales Tools: Marketing, Advertising, and the 259
The Web 262
Training: Creating Gender-Intelligent Points 262
of Contact
In Summary 263
CHAPTER 11: The Lay of the Land 267
Becoming a Gender-Intelligent Retailer 268
Index 271