Rescuing Canada's Right : Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution

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Rescuing Canada's Right : Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution

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A provocative and timely call to action for civic-minded Canadians yearning for a more competitive political system ane better government. Canadians everywhere are asking: what's wrong with the Conservative Party? The Liberal Party of Canada has held power for 70 of the past 100 years--a feat unrivaled by any other political party in the Western hemisphere. This dominance has caused a great deal of frustration on all political fronts, especially on the right. In the past two years, the long-awaited merger of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives has not achieved the results many were expecting. Despite the explosive revelations of the sponsorship scandal, and attempts to improve his party's image, Stephen Harper's Conservatives still trail in the polls. In Rescuing Canada's Right, the authors examine the problems facing the Conservative Party and the broader conservative movement, and offer concrete solutions on how to fix them. Some of the issues the book will address: * Why the Conservative Party and its predecessor parties have such a poor electoral record; * Why today's Conservative Party is not really conservative. * Why a new political vision is necessary to inspire Canadians--and what it should be. * How the Liberals use public money to entrench an unhealthy reliance on the state--and how the right has failed to challenge it * What Canadian conservatives can learn from the American and British experiences * How to build a Canadian Conservative counter-culture in the media, academia, and the law * How the right can break through to the young, and to immigrants in Quebec * An action plan to end Canada's democratic deficit and level the political playing field. Rescuing Canada's Right will be a hard-hitting and groundbreaking work that will introduce new ideas and a passionate call for change for 21st century Canada.


Foreword by Mark Steyn. Introduction: "We're Here, We're Canadian, and We're Conservative". PART ONE: THE PAST. Chapter 1. From John A. to Joe Who: How the Conservative Party Failed to Lead Canada. Chapter 2. It was the Best of Times, It was the Worst of Times: Mulroney, Manning and Bouchard. Chapter 3. Making Up is Hard To Do: Conservatism's Wasted Decade, 1993-2003. PART TWO: THE PLAN. Chapter 4. The Path to Power: Building a Conservative Infrastructure. Chapter 5. Investing in Ideas: Donors wanted! Chapter 6. Rebalancing he Media: Image Is (Almost) Everything. Chapter 7. Call in the Lawyers!: Can Conservatives Make Friends with the Charter? chapter 8. Engaging the Next Generation: Issues, Ideals and Academia. Chapter 9. Un-Bloc-ing Quebec: Advancing Conservatism in la Belle Province. Chapter 10. Connecting with New Canadians: The Ins and Outs of Immigration. Chapter 11. Professionalizing Politics: training Leaders, Generals an Ground. PART THREE: THE POLICIES. Chapter 12. Vision Wanted: Tax Cuts Aren't Enough. Chapter 13. Stronger Families: A New Framework for Social Policy. Chapter 14. Superior Health Care: Competition, Choice and Dignity. Chapter 15. Free-Market Environmentalism: Greening the Conservative Movement. Chapter 16. The Future of Federalism: Keeping Canada Together. Conclusion: A Call to Arms for Concerned Canadians. Appendix: Conservative Contacts. Acknowledgements. Index. About the Authors.