Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler : The Ultimate No-worry Approach for Each Age and Stage (Mother of all Solutions)

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Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler and Preschooler : The Ultimate No-worry Approach for Each Age and Stage (Mother of all Solutions)

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Full Description

Finally, a no-worry, no-guilt guide to sleep. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sleep solution. That's why Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler provides you with the tools you need to come up with a customized sleep solution that takes into account your child's temperament, your parenting philosophies, and the rest of your life.You'll also get the lowdown on: * the physical, emotional and relationship fallout of sleep deprivation - along with an action plan for minimizing these effects * what the world's leading sleep researchers have identified as the best-odds sleep promotion strategies for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers * the science behind each of the major sleep training methods - along with the inside scoop on the major pros and cons, according to parents who've tried them * co-sleeping, partners in exile (in the spare bedroom), and other hot-button topics in the world of sleep * sleep transitions: from co-sleeping to solo sleeping; from crib to bed; from napping to no more naps * nightmares, night terrors, bedtime refusal, and too-early risers Includes * checklists, charts, and sleep tools, including a handy sleep log * sleep books, websites, and organizations that every parent should know about

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       1  (9)
CHAPTER 1 Sleepless in Suburbia 10 (31)
Why the Sleep Deprivation of Early Parenthood 11 (3)
Comes as Such a Shock
Society Doesn't Do a Particularly Good Job 11 (61)
of Preparing New Parents
Learning about Sleep Might Not Have Seemed 72
That Important While You Were Pregnant
Falling on Deaf Ears 12 (1)
Unexplainable Degrees of Exhaustion 13 (1)
The Mother of All Sleep Debts 14 (4)
Pregnancy Sleep Debt 14 (1)
New Morn Sleep Debt 15 (2)
More Sleep Debt: Toddler and Preschool Years 17 (1)
Why Sleep Is Such a Huge Issue for So Many 18 (4)
You Never Know When Your Sleep Is Going to 18 (1)
Be Disrupted Next
You Get Conflicting Advice from the Experts 19 (1)
And a Lot of Unsolicited Advice, Period 20 (1)
Your Child's Sleep Problems Can Take a Toll 21 (1)
on Your Parenting Self-Esteem
How Sleep Deprivation Makes Parenting Harder 22 (8)
Your Brain Starts to Feel Foggy and Sluggish 23 (1)
Your Communication Skills Plummet 24 (1)
Your Problem-Solving Skills and Your 24 (1)
Creativity Begin to Nosedive
You May Feel Impatient and Edgy 25 (1)
You Feel Zapped of Your Usual Energy and 25 (1)
You May Experience Insomnia 25 (2)
You May Start to Experience Some of the 27 (1)
Physical Symptoms Associated with Sleep
You May Experience Some of the Emotional 28 (1)
Symptoms Associated with Sleep Deprivation
You Are at Increased Risk of Developing 29 (1)
Postpartum Depression
Desperate Parents 30 (1)
The Sleep Deprivation Gender Gap 31 (6)
Play to One Another's Strengths 32 (1)
Ask for What You Need 33 (1)
Accept That Moms Tend to Be More Tuned into 34 (1)
Their Babies' Cries in the Night
Accept the Fact That Sometimes Only Mom 34 (2)
Will Do
Realize That Fair Doesn't Have to Mean 50/50 36 (1)
Strangers in the Night 37 (1)
Sleep Is the New Sex 38 (2)
Solutions Central裕he Last Word 40 (1)
CHAPTER 2 The Sleep-Deprivation Survival Guide 41 (27)
Eyes Wide Shut: Maximizing Your Opportunities 42 (21)
for Sleep
"Sleep When the Baby Sleeps" 42 (1)
Call for Backup 43 (4)
Make Some Strategic Sleep Moves 47 (5)
Set the Stage for Sleep 52 (4)
Practise Good "Sleep Hygiene" 56 (6)
Develop a Relaxing Pre-bedtime Routine 62 (1)
Boosting Your Energy through Nutrition and 63 (3)
Eat for Energy 63 (2)
Exercise for Energy 65 (1)
The Secrets of Sleep-Savvy Moms: Ways to Make 66 (1)
Sleep Deprivation Less Crazy-Making
Solutions Central裕he Last Word 67 (1)
CHAPTER 3 The Science of Sleep 68 (18)
What Sleeping Like a Baby Really Means 69 (1)
Sleep-Related Milestones 70 (15)
Your Newborn 72 (6)
Your One-Month-Old 78 (1)
Your Two- to Six-Month-Old 79 (1)
Your Six- to Nine-Month-Old 79 (8)
Your Nine- to 12-Month Old 87
Your Toddler (Ages One and Two Years) 83 (1)
Your Preschooler (Ages Three and Four Years) 83 (2)
Solutions Central裕he Last Word 85 (1)
CHAPTER 4 Winning at Sleep Roulette 86 (50)
Eight Best Sleep Strategies: What Every 87 (24)
Parent Needs to Know
1. Learn to Spot Your Child's Sleep Cues 88 (4)
Baby Sleep Cues 88 (9)
Toddler and Preschooler Sleep Cues 97 (1)
From Tired to Overtired 97
2. Teach Your Baby to Distinguish between 92 (2)
Night and Day
3. Establish a Consistent, Predictable 94 (7)
Bedtime Routine during the Early Months of
Your Baby's Life, and Allow This Routine to
Evolve as Your Child Moves from Stage to
4. Let Your Baby Practise Falling Asleep on 101(6)
His Own So That He Can Learn How to Soothe
Himself Back to Sleep
Practising Your Baby's Self-Soothing 105(2)
5. Learn How to Understand the Noises Your 107(2)
Baby Makes in His Sleep
6. Make Daytime Sleep a Priority: Children 109(1)
Who Nap Sleep Better at Nighttime
7. Recognize When Your Baby No Longer Needs 110(1)
to Be Fed in the Night and Start Using
Non-food Methods to Soothe Your Baby Back
to Sleep
8. Remain as Calm and Relaxed as Possible 110(1)
about the Sleep Issue
Sleep Survey Says 111(1)
How Temperament Affects Sleep 111(10)
Sleep Researchers: Meet the Parents! 112(1)
Who's Calling Who Temperamental? 113(8)
Sleep Training: The Mother of All Hot Topics 121(1)
Why It May Be Difficult to Talk Sleep with 122(6)
Even Your Very Best Mom Friends
The Expert's Not the Boss of You 123(3)
Sleep Nirvana: You Can Get There from Here! 126(1)
The Sleep Plans of Which Dreams Are Made 127(1)
The Big (Sleep) Talk: Discussing Sleep Issues 128(7)
with Your Partner
If Plan A Fails 133(2)
Solutions Central-The Last Word 135(1)
Chapter 5 Bedroom Politics: Where Will Your 136(23)
Baby Sleep?
SIDS: Some Basic Facts 137(1)
The Bedrooms of the Nation 137(3)
Making Bed Sharing a Safer Options: Some 140(3)
Unofficial Tips and Suggestions
Safe Sleep Strategies: What Every Parent 143(10)
Needs to Know
Other Tips on Providing Your Baby with a Safe 153(1)
Sleeping Environment
Location, Location, Location 154(4)
Solutions Central裕he Last Word 158(1)
CHAPTER 6 The Real-World Guide to Solving Your 159(34)
Baby's Sleep Problems
Hush, Little Baby 160(31)
Back to Sleep 160(12)
Nap Know-how 172(2)
Bedtime Problems 174(2)
Night Waking 176(1)
Early Birds (a.k.a. Larks) 177(1)
Feeding to Sleep 178(4)
Baby's Not Sleeping through the Night 182(2)
Changing Spaces 184(2)
Sleep Disruptions 186(3)
Have Baby, Will Travel 189(1)
Seeing Double 190(1)
Solutions Central裕he Last Word 191(2)
CHAPTER 7 The Real-World Guide to Solving Your 193(27)
Toddler's Sleep Problems
The Truth about Toddlers and Sleep 194(25)
Bedtime Basics 196(7)
Night Patrol 203(4)
Little Ms. Early Bird 207(63)
Naptime Know-how 270
Pacifier Partings 214(61)
Musical Beds 275
Solutions Central裕he Last Word 219(1)
CHAPTER 8 The Real-World Guide to Solving Your 220(21)
Preschooler's Sleep Problems
Desperately Seeking Sleep Solutions 221(16)
Routines Revisited 222(3)
The Relaxation Express: The Top Relaxation 225(4)
Techniques for Preschoolers
Bedtime Fears 229(2)
Nightmares vs. Night Terrors 231(1)
Thunderstorms 232(1)
Sibling Sleep Deprivation 233(1)
Help Me Make It through the Night 233(3)
Little Miss Sleepyhead 236(1)
Preschooler Naps: The Endangered Species 237(1)
Solutions Central裕he Last Word 237(4)
CHAPTER 9 Sleep Disorders: What Every Parent 241(41)
Needs to Know
The Worried Parent's Rest-Easy Guide to 241(15)
Sleep Disorders
Solutions Central裕he Last Word 256(1)
Sleep Tools 257(25)
Sleep Tool 1: Sleep Problem Solver輸 257(4)
Six-Step Action Plan for Solving Your
Child's Sleep Problems
Sleep Tool 2: A Comparison of the Major 261(8)
Sleep-Training Methods for Babies,
Toddlers, and Preschoolers
Sleep Tool 3: Bedtime-Resistance Checklist: 269(3)
Common Reasons for Bedtime Resistance in
Toddlers and Preschoolers
Sleep Tool 4: Reasons Why Babies, Toddlers, 272(8)
and Preschoolers Wake in the Night
Sleep Tool 5: 7-Day Sleep Log 280(2)
Appendix A: Directory of Organizations 282(3)
Sleep Associations: General 282(1)
Sleep Organizations: Sleep Disorders 283(1)
Sleep Safety and Juvenile Safety Standards 283(1)
Juvenile Product and Sleep Product 284(1)
Manufacturers Associations
Major Pediatric Health Associations 284(1)
Appendix B: Directory of On-line Resources 285(5)
Sleep: Reference Guide 285(1)
Sleep Research and Sleep 286(1)
Sleep Problems and Disorders 286(1)
Sleep Health and Safety 287(1)
Moms' Sleep 288(1)
Postpartum Support and Sleep Solutions 288(1)
Mother Fuel 289(1)
General Pediatric Health and Development 289(1)
Useful Sleep-Related Product Information 289(1)
Appendix C: Recommended Reading 290(3)
Index 293