Preconcentration and Drying of Food Materials : Thijssen Memorial Symposium : Proceedings (Process Technology Proceedings, 5)

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Preconcentration and Drying of Food Materials : Thijssen Memorial Symposium : Proceedings (Process Technology Proceedings, 5)

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Professor Thijssen was one of the most creative and stimulating advocates of applying chemical engineering principles to food process engineering. His scientific work focussed on preconcentration and drying of food materials and so it was appropriate that this was chosen to be the topic of the symposium held to honour his memory. This volume provides good state-of-the-art overviews in the field of preconcentration and drying of food materials. Of particular interest will be the some novel approaches to preconcentration of functional food liquids (taste, quality, functional properties as criteria), and the contributions on measurement techniques for drying research and modelling/control of such drying processes.


Opening Lectures. Thijssen lecture: Introduction to the Symposium topic (S. Bruin). Activity of water and its importance in preconcentration and drying of foods (M. Loncin). Preconcentration. Preconcentration: New developments (B. Hallstrom). Multistage evaporation in the diary industry: energy savings, product losses and cleaning (S. Bouman et al.). Apple juice concentration by reverse osmosis and falling film evaporation (M. Moresi). Free concentration (W. van Pelt, H. Jansen). Membrane processing of industrial enzymes (P.J.A.M. Kerkhof, G.H. Schoutens). An exergetic analysis of tomato juice concentration by membrane processes (E. Drioli et al.). Concentration of solutions of high osmotic pressure by reverse osmosis (H.F. van Wijk et al.). Osmotic concentration in food processing (C.R. Lerici et al.). Supercritical extraction of fermentation products (A.M.M. van Eijs et al.). Drying of Food Materials: Principles and Modelling. Spray drying of food liquids and volatiles retention (C.J. King). Evaluation and prediction of experimental drying curves (W.J. Coumans, K.Ch.A.M. Luyben). The modelling and measurement of segregation of solute material during drying of food systems (G. Meerdink et al.). Heat and mass transfer modelling during pasta drying. Application to crack formation risk reduction (J. Andrieu et al.). Spray drying of concentrated milk: relation between initial droplet size and final particle size (P.J.J.M. van Mil). Modeling grape drying kinetics (P. Masi, M. Riva). Drying of Food Materials: Processing and Optimisation. Optimizing the retention of heat sensitive materials in concentration and drying (M. Karel). A dynamic mechanistic model of a spray drying tower constructed for control and optimisation purposes (M.E. Paoli et al.). Steam drying of foodstuffs and agricultural products (C. Munter). Caking degree of spray dried coconut milk (J. Cal-Vidal, J.N.C. Da Costa). Drying of agricultural products in a two-component fluid bed (G. Donsi et al.). Closing Remarks. Arti for an Archat (W.J. Beek). Poster Sessions (18 papers).