Mechanics of Tectonic Faulting : Models and Basic Concepts (Developments Structural Geology, 1)

Mechanics of Tectonic Faulting : Models and Basic Concepts (Developments Structural Geology, 1)

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Full Description

This series, under the editorship of Professor H.J. Zwart, will deal with all topics within this field, such as: micro structures, large scale tectonics, experimental structural geology, fabrics, rock mechanics, and modelling in structural geology. The aim is to publish advanced level reference books to provide state-of-the-art reviews of these and other aspects of structural geology. This series will be of value to researchers and professionals in structural geology, rock mechanics, petroleum geology and tectonophysics. This first volume in the series deals with the mechanics of tectonic faulting and its central theme is the formation of faults in the tectonic stress field and the interaction between faults and stresses. The author, Dr. G. Mandl, was one of the top research people with Shell International Research. Part I of the book deals with the mechanical genesis of general fault features, such as fault shape and antithetic, precursory and secondary faulting and elaborates on these more general aspects within the context of specific tectono-mechanical models for extensional faulting and thrusting. Besides critical reviews, Part I contains a number of new or hitherto unpublished results, in particular on model experiments and numerical analyses. The central chapter of Part II presents a full introduction into mechanical theory and rock plasticity - the theory most adequate to tectonic faulting and therefore forming the backbone of the book. Besides presentations of basic concepts of stress and strain, special chapters are devoted to poro-elasticity and fluid flow through porous rocks.


Preface. Part I: Tectono-mechanical models. Introduction. General fault features. Extensional faulting. Wrench faulting. Thrusting. Part II: Basic concepts. Stress. Stress equilibrium. Stresses in porous rocks. The stress circle. Strain. Poro-elasticity. Plasticity of rocks. Work. Buoyancy in porous rocks. Flow through porous rocks. References. Index.