Paleolimnology : Aspects of Freshwater Paleoecology and Biogeography

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Paleolimnology : Aspects of Freshwater Paleoecology and Biogeography

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Paleolimnology, particularly of the pre-late Quaternary, provides one of the most demanding challenges to paleoecologists - one that it is to be hoped will be answered by improved techniques and newer technical equipment, especially the electron microscope, which has made feasible the study of many groups in ways not previously possible. The papers in this volume primarily address the many kinds of organisms that have left remains in inland waters. They review the state of paleoenvironmental interpretation with particular organisms, discuss limitations and potential, and what types of specific environmental information can be obtained that is useful to the paleoecologist. Although paleolimnology is essentially a geological discipline, this book will be of interest to paleontologists, limnologists, ecologists, zoologists and botanists.


Introduction (J. Gray). Evolution of the freshwater ecosystem: the fossil record (J. Gray). Lacustrine varve formation through time (R.Y. Anderson, W.E. Dean). Biological and sedimentary facies of Australian salt lakes (P. De Deckker). Freshwater fungi: fossil record and paleoecological potential (M.A. Sherwood-Pike). Chrysophycean microfossils in paleolimnological studies (J.P. Smol). Fossil diatoms and Neogene paleolimnology (J. Platt Bradbury). Freshwater macrophytes in palaeolimnology (M.E. Collinson). Fossil pigments in paleoecology and paleolimnology (J.E. Sanger). Lacustrine thecamoebians (mainly arcellaceans) as potential tools for palaeolimnological interpretations (F.S. Medioli, D.B. Scott). Utilization of freshwater sponges in paleolimnological studies (F.W. Harrison). Conchostraca (P.W. Frank). Guidelines and limitations to cladoceran paleoecological interpretations (M.C. Whiteside, M.R. Swindoll). Paleoecology of limnic ostracodes: a review of some major topics (P. Carbonel et al.). An account of the techniques using ostracodes in palaeolimnology in Australia (P. De Deckker). The historical ecology of aquatic insects: an overview (R.J. Wootton). The use of caddisflies (Trichoptera) in palaeoecology (N.E. Williams). The significance of chironomid analysis (Insecta: Diptera) for paleolimnological research (W. Hofmann). Aspects of freshwater mollusc ecological biogeography (D.W. Taylor). Fish taphonomy and environmental inference in paleolimnology (R.L. Elder, G.R. Smith). Paleoecology and sedimentology of a Late Triassic lake, Culpeper Basin, Virginia, USA (P.J.W. Gore). Reconstruction of ancient lake environments using both autochthonous and allochthonous fossils (M.V.H. Wilson). Author Index. Subject Index.