John Milton : Twentieth Century Perspectives : Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes 〈5〉

John Milton : Twentieth Century Perspectives : Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes 〈5〉

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Addresses some of the crucial issues in Milton's last two poems, published together in 1671.

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First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Table of Contents

Volume Introduction                                ix
Paradise Regained
The Genre
Milton's Dialogue with the Epic: Paradise 1 (19)
Regained and the Tradition
Ralph W. Condee
The Hero
The Christ of Paradise Regained and the 20 (24)
Renaissance Heroic Tradition
Merritt Y. Hughes
The Better Fortitude 44 (15)
W. W. Robson
The Nature of The Christ of Paradise Regained 59 (6)
Thomas Langford
The Temptations
The Temptation in Paradise Regained 65 (13)
A. H. Gilbert
Theme and Structure in Paradise Regained 78 (35)
Barbara K. Lewalski
The (Homo)Sexual Temptation in Milton's 113(26)
Paradise Regained
Claude J. Summers
Samson Agonistes
The Date of Samson Agonistes 139(22)
W. R. Parker
Hellenic Elements
Samson Agonistes and the Hellenic Drama 161(8)
R. C. Jebb
The Greek Spirit in Milton's Samson Agonistes 169(24)
W. R. Parker
Hebraic Elements
Samson Agonistes 193(18)
Chauncey B. Tinker
``Our Living Dread'': The God of Samson 211(23)
Michael Lieb
Theological Readings
Milton's Samson as the Tragic Hero Purified 234(15)
by Trial
Ann Gossman
Samson Agonistes as Tragedy 249(24)
Irene Samuel
The Interpretation of Samson Agonistes 273(17)
G. A. Wilkes
Political Readings
Samson Agonistes and Milton the Politician in 290(18)
M. A. N. Radzinowicz
Samson Agonistes Again 308(17)
Christopher Hill
On Stage
Producing Samson Agonistes 325(12)
William P. Shaw
Copyright Acknowledgments 337