Unequal Sisters : A Multicultural Reader in U.S. Women's History (3 SUB)

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Unequal Sisters : A Multicultural Reader in U.S. Women's History (3 SUB)

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Full Description

This revised and expanded edition comprises some of the most ground-breaking work in women's and feminist history. Addressing issues of race, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality, it provides a more accurate and inclusive history of US women.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    ix
Introduction to the Third Edition xi
Beyond the Search for Sisterhood: American 1 (19)
Women's History in the 1990s
Nancy A. Hewitt
``This Evil Extends Especially to the 20 (19)
Feminine Sex'': Captivity and Identity in New
Mexico, 1700--1846
James F. Brooks
Distress and Discord in Virginia Slave 39 (19)
Families, 1830--1860
Brenda Stevenson
Gender, Race, and Culture: Spanish Mexican 58 (22)
Women in the Historiography of Frontier
Antonia I. Castaneda
To Earn Her Daily Bread: Housework and 80 (13)
Antebellum Working-Class Subsistence
Jeanne Boydston
Cherokee Women and the Trail of Tears 93 (12)
Theda Perdue
``Domestic'' Life in the Diggings: The 105(19)
Southern Mines in the California Gold Rush
Susan Lee Johnson
To Catch the Vision of Freedom: 124(23)
Reconstructing Southern Black Women's
Political History, 1865--1880
Elsa Barkley Brown
Deference and Defiance: Labor Politics and 147(14)
the Meanings of Masculinity in the
Mid-Nineteenth-Century New England Textile
Mary H. Blewett
Miscegenation Law, Court Cases, and 161(22)
Ideologies of ``Race'' in Twentieth-Century
Peggy Pascoe
``Too Dark to Be Angels'': The Class System 183(14)
among the Cherokees at the Female Seminary
Devon A. Mihesuah
Going for the Jugular of Hindu Patriarchy: 197(8)
American Women Fund-Raisers for Ramabai
Kumari Jayawardena
Ilse Women and the Early Korean American 205(9)
Community: Redefining the Origins of Feminist
Alice Yang Murray
Black and White Visions of Welfare: Women's 214(28)
Welfare Activism, 1890--1945
Linda Gordon
Partisan Women in the Progressive Era: The 242(15)
Struggle for Inclusion in American Political
Melanie Gustafson
Unbound Feet: Chinese Women in the Public 257(11)
Judy Yung
The Emergence of Feminism in Puerto Rico, 268(8)
Yamila Azize-Vargas
Woman Suffrage around the World: Three Phases 276(16)
of Suffragist Internationalism
Ellen Carol DuBois
In Politics to Stay: Black Women Leaders and 292(15)
Party Politics in the 1920s
Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham
Sexual Geography and Gender Economy: The 307(17)
Furnished-Room Districts of Chicago,
Joanne Meyerowitz
Making Faces: The Cosmetics Industry and the 324(22)
Cultural Construction of Gender, 1890--1930
Kathy Peiss
``Star Struck'': Acculturation, Adolescence, 346(16)
and Mexican American Women, 1920--1950
Vicki L. Ruiz
Crossed Boundaries in Interracial Chicago: 362(14)
Pilipino American Families since 1925
Barbara M. Posadas
``We Are that Mythical Thing Called the 376(17)
Public'': Militant Housewives during the
Great Depression
Annelise Orleck
Raiz Fuerte: Oral History and Mexicana 393(10)
Devra Anne Weber
Breaking the Silence: Putting Latina Lesbian 403(6)
History at the Center
Yolanda Chavez Leyva
``But We Would Never Talk about It'': The 409(17)
Structures of Lesbian Discretion in South
Dakota, 1928--1933
Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy
Open Secrets: Memory, Imagination, and the 426(10)
Refashioning of Southern Identity
Jacquelyn Dowd Hall
From Servitude to Service Work: Historical 436(30)
Continuities in the Racial Division of Paid
Reproductive Labor
Evelyn Nakano Glenn
Telling Performances: Jazz History Remembered 466(12)
and Remade by the Women in the Band
Sherrie Tucker
Japanese American Women during World War II 478(14)
Valerie Matsumoto
Rethinking Betty Friedan and The Feminine 492(27)
Mystique: Labor Union Radicalism and Feminism
in Cold War America
Daniel Horowitz
Between Culture and Politics: The Emma 519(23)
Lazarus Federation of Jewish Women's Clubs
and the Promulgation of Women's History,
Joyce Antler
``More than a Lady'': Ruby Doris Smith 542(12)
Robinson and Black Women's Leadership in the
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Cynthia Griggs Fleming
To Become an American Woman: Education and 554(11)
Sex Role Socialization of the Vietnamese
Immigrant Woman
Gail Paradise Kelly
Changing Women: The Crosscurrents of American 565(22)
Indian Feminine Identity
Rebecca Tsosie
Community, Patriarchy, and Individualism: The 587(20)
Politics of Chicano History and the Dream of
Ramon A. Gutierrez
Dependency and Choice: The Two Faces of Eve 607(20)
Rickie Solinger
Teaching the Differences among Women from a 627(29)
Historical Perspective: Rethinking Race and
Gender as Social Categories
Tessie Liu
Selected Bibliographies:
African American Women---compiled 639(4)
Daina L. Ramey
Asian American Women---compiled 643(4)
Alice Y. Hom
Latinas---compiled 647(4)
Mary Ann Villarreal
Native American Women---compiled 651(5)
Annette L. Reed
Permissions Acknowledgments 656(3)
Contributors 659(6)
Index 665