One Nation under God? : Religion and American Culture (Culturework)

One Nation under God? : Religion and American Culture (Culturework)

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Full Description

One Nation Under God? is a remarkable consideration of how religion manifests itself in America today.the sacred all converge in America's religious experience.

Table of Contents

Forword                                            vii
Cornel West
Introduction ix
The Multireligious Public Square 3 (18)
Diana L. Eck
Civic Religion and the First Amendment 21 (11)
David Lyle Jeffrey
Jewish Denominationalism Meets the Open 32 (28)
Rabbi Irving Greenberg
The Cloistered Closet 60 (16)
Dorothy A. Austin
What's Derrida Got to do With Jesus? 76 (25)
Michael Eric Dyson
Getting Religion 101(14)
Janet R. Jakobsen
Ann Pellegrini
Losing Faith in the Secular and the Culture 115(13)
of International Governance
David Kennedy
Islamic Law and Muslim Women in America 128(17)
Azizah Y. al-Hibri
Yom Hashoah in the Capital Rotunda 145(16)
Deborah E. Lipstadt
``Plenty Good Room...'' In A Changing Black 161(23)
Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
Cremation American Style 184(24)
Stephen Prothero
From Monticello to Graceland 208(13)
Robert Kiely
Practicing Christian Rock 221(14)
Barbara Claire Freeman
Mormonism and Other Narratives of the Living 235(23)
William R. Handley
American Heritage 258(22)
Peter S. Hawkins
Two-Point Conversion 280(32)
Marjorie Garber
Contributors' Notes 312(4)
Index 316