Race in the Mind of America : Breaking the Vicious Circle between Blacks and Whites

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Race in the Mind of America : Breaking the Vicious Circle between Blacks and Whites

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Full Description

Internationally recognized psychologist Paul L. Wachtel sheds new light on the psychological foundations of our nation's racial impasse and applies his pathbreaking "vicious circle" approach to help resolve it. This timely and fascinating analysis shows how the ways we attempt to cope with racial tensions and inequalities often lead to the perpetuation of our difficulties rather than their resolution. Understanding the ironies that characterize contemporary race relations is the first step toward extricating our nation from the vicious circle.Both controversial and healing, Race in the Mind of America challenges the orthodoxies that shape black and white opinion and liberal and conservative policies while sensitively exploring the way the world looks to both sides and why it looks that way. Wachtel probes the daily experiences of blacks and whites, shedding new light on how individual experiences and larger social, historical and economic forces continually re-create each other. In illustrating how blacks and whites get caught in vicious circles that sustain the very behaviors and attitudes they wish would change, Wachtel also points toward the concrete solutions to our seemingly enduring dilemmas and shows how to move beyond the adversarial rhetoric that divides us.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
1 Introduction The Ironic Dynamics of Race 1 (22)
Part One Impediments to Dialogue: Why We Talk 23 (74)
past Each Other
2 Talking about Racism How Our Dialogue 23 (18)
Gets Short-Circuited
3 Blaming the Victim? 41 (16)
4 The Debate over Culture 57 (16)
5 Ideology and IQ Moving beyond the Bell 73 (24)
Part Two Prejudice, Vulnerability, and 97 (96)
Identity: Psychological Foundations of Our
Racial Impasse
6 Is Racism Inevitable? Motivational 97 (24)
Foundations of White Racial Attitudes
7 Prejudice without Intention? "Cognitive" 121(22)
Foundations of White Racial Attitudes
8 The Complexities of the Black Response to 143(22)
Oppression Strengths and Vulnerabilities,
Pride and Self-Doubt
9 Integration, Assimilation, and Separatism 165(28)
The Ambiguities of Identity
Part Three The Seamless Web of Problems and 193(94)
10 Crime and the Multiple Causes and Effects 193(26)
of Inequality
11 Separate Neighborhoods, Separate Destinies 219(22)
12 Beyond Affirmative Action Toward a 241(26)
Resolution of Our Divisions
13 Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and 267(14)
Disadvantage Head Starts, Handicaps, and the
Importance of Ongoing Life Circumstances
14 Beyond Black and White 281(6)
Notes 287(36)
Index 323