Succession in Saudi Arabia


Succession in Saudi Arabia

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Full Description

The stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains critical to Western security and economic interests. This crucial study focuses on generation change and identifies individuals with greatest leadership potential; examines their political, social, and religious views.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments                                    xi
A Note on Transliteration xiii
Introduction 1 (22)
The Kingdom in the Twentieth Century
Succession and Heir Apparent Abdallah
Prince Sultan and the Sudayri Seven
King Fahd's Outlook
King Fahd's Offspring
Pressures on Succession
The Influences of Religion and Tribal
Behavior on Succession
The Legacy of Islamic Succession
The Legacy of the Ottoman Empire
The Legacy of the Rashid Dynasty
Lessons Learned
Methodological Approach
The Current Generation 23 (48)
The Al Saud Family: Size and Structure
The Legacy of King Abdul Aziz
Maternal Lineage
Full Brothers
Grandsons of Abdul Aziz
Descendants of Abdul Aziz's Brothers
Cadet Branches
Aristocratic Families
The Succession Issue Before King Fahd
King Saud bin Abdul Aziz
King Faysal bin Abdul Aziz
King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz
King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz
Succession and Heir Apparent Abdallah
Prince Sultan and the Sudayri Seven
King Fahd's Outlook
The Succession Dilemma
The Next Generation 71 (20)
The 1992 Edict
Salman bin Abdul Aziz
New Leaders
Biographical Details
Muhammad bin Fahd
Abdul Aziz bin Fahd
Mit`ab bin Abdallah
Khaled bin Sultan
Bandar bin Sultan
Abdul Aziz bin Salman
Sultan bin Salman
Saud bin Faysal
Turki bin Faysal
Fahad bin Abdallah bin Muhammad
Secularism, Religiousity, and Political
Regional Rivalries
Western Encroachment
Oil Policy
Potential Alliances
Cadet Branches of the Al Saud
Perceptions of Security Concerns 91 (38)
The Alliance with the Religious
King Abdul Aziz and the Ikhwan
Crises Under Saud bin Abdul Aziz
The 1970s Challenge to Prince Abdallah
Uprisings in the Eastern Province
The 1979 Makkah Mosque Takeover and the
Sunni Extremism
Stability and Factionalism in the Armed
Uprisings in the 1950s
Royal Saudi Air Force Defections (1962)
Coup Plots (1969-1977)
The Armed Forces in the War for Kuwait
Security Perceptions
The Religious Opposition
The Al Saud Response
The Worldly Opposition
The CDLR's Influence
The Al Saud Response
The Iraqi Threat
The Iranian Threat
Elite Views Toward Iran
Evolving Elite Views Toward Iran
An Assessment of the Iraqi and Iranian
Direction of Family 129 (12)
A Family Corrective Move
The Challenge
The Response
Military Opposition
The Challenge
The Response
Revolution and Disintegration
The Challenge
The Response
An Assessment of the Three Responses
An Assessment of the New Alliances 141 (102)
Ruling Family Politics
An Assessment of the New Alliances
1. Interviews 155 (6)
2. Chronology 161 (8)
3. Mainline of Succession and Cadet Branches 169 (2)
4. Twentieth-Century Al Saud Leaders 171 (2)
5. Maternal Linkages Among Sons of King 173 (2)
Abdul Aziz
6. The Sons of Abdul Aziz 175 (6)
7. Leading Grandsons of Abdul Aziz 181 (4)
8. Provincial Governors 185 (2)
9. The Cabinet (June 1999) 187 (4)
10. Leading Religious Figures in the 191 (2)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
11. ``Secular'' Petition to King Fahd 193 (6)
(December 1990)
12. ``Religious'' Petition to King Fahd 199 (4)
(February 1991)
13. King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz: Address to 203 (6)
the Nation on the New Laws, March 1, 1992
14. The Basic Law of Government 209 (10)
15. The Majlis al-Shura Law 219 (14)
16. The Law of the Provinces 233 (8)
17. Heir Apparent Abdallah: Address to 241 (2)
Majlis al-Shura (January 13, 1996)
Notes 243 (24)
Bibliography 267 (12)
Index 279