The Naked Clone : How Cloning Bans Threaten Our Personal Rights


The Naked Clone : How Cloning Bans Threaten Our Personal Rights

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Full Description

Banning therapeutic and reproductive cloning jeopardizes more than cloning itself. The constitutional principles intertwined with cloning embrace such vital liberties as personal autonomy, privacy, reproduction, and freedom of expression. Properly understood, cloning is essentially the same as other forms of assisted reproduction. Procrustean bans on cloning implicate and indirectly threaten numerous key personal interests, including abortion, in vitro fertilization, same-sex adoption, and surrogacy. A government allowed to preemptively isolate and censor medico-scientific research into cloning may be emboldened to shut down other forms of disfavored inquiry and expression as well.

Much of the animosity toward cloning is based on unfounded fear, science-fiction fantasy, moralistic bias, and slippery slope predictions, most of which is scientifically untenable or already illegal. Yet when people are cloned, they will in fact be less similar than identical twins; genetics aren't everything. Differing environments produce differing people, and human clones—distinct individuals—will be entitled to the same human rights and legal protections that have protected individuals for centuries. Kunich establishes the pressing need to evaluate cloning in a rational scientific and legal manner, before the extreme opposition sprouting from fear and misunderstanding, which has already led to several state laws, results in an unconstitutional federal ban.


Acknowledgments and Dedication Preface Cloning in Science and Science Fiction Cloning Law in the United States International Law and Cloning Around the World Galileo in Modern Chains and the Banning of Scientific Research The Naked Clone and Bans on Reproductive Cloning The Proper Role of Law in Cloning Glossary Table of Cases Appendices State Laws and Federal Bills Applicable to Human Cloning Selected Foreign Laws Applicable to Human Cloning