The Hero's Journey toward a Second American Century


The Hero's Journey toward a Second American Century

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Table of Contents

        List of Figures and Tables                 ix
Acknowledgements xi
Introduction 1 (8)
The Hero's Journey 9 (26)
The Hero's Journey 9 (2)
Jung's Theory of Archetypes 11 (12)
Step 1 in the Hero's Journey--Call to 23 (1)
Step 2 in the Hero's Journey--Great 24 (2)
Step 3 in the Hero's Journey--The Return 26 (1)
to Society
Step 4 in the Hero's Journey--The Deep 27 (8)
The Hero's Journey in World Politics 35 (22)
Political Communities and the Hero's 35 (3)
States as Moral Actors 38 (7)
States and the Hero's Journey 45 (12)
America's First Hero's Journey 57 (22)
(1764-1822)--America as Beacon of Liberty
and Republicanism
America and the Hero's Journey 57 (4)
America's First Hero's Journey (1764-1822) 61 (18)
America's Second Hero's Journey 79 (18)
(1823-1855)--Rule of Law and Manifest
Call to Adventure (1823-1831)--Promoting 79 (3)
International Law
Great Remembering (1831-1837)--The Issues 82 (4)
of Relocation of Native Americans,
Slavery, and Texas
The Return to International Society 86 (3)
(1837-1845)--Manifest Destiny
Deep Forgetting (1846-1855)--American 89 (8)
America's Third Hero's Journey 97 (16)
(1855-1861)--Civil War and the Monroe
Call to Adventure (1855-1861)--Ending 97 (2)
Slavery as a Moral Imperative
Great Remembering (1861-1867)--Fighting 99 (5)
to Preserve the Union and Emancipation
The Return to International Society 104(3)
(1867-1875)--Reasserting the Monroe
Deep Forgetting (1875-1889)--Ignoring the 107(6)
Plight of Indians and Emancipated Slaves
America's Fourth Hero's Journey 113(16)
(1889-1912)--America's Rise to Great Power
Call to Adventure 113(2)
(1889-1895)--Reasserting the Monroe
Great Remembering (1895-1898)--Supporting 115(3)
Cuban Independence
The Return to International Society 118(3)
(1898-1903)--Commitment to
Deep Forgetting (1903-1912)--Imperial 121(8)
America's Fifth Hero's Journey 129(14)
(1913-1933)--Making the World Safe for
Call to Adventure (1913-1914)--Supporting 129(3)
Democracy in the Western Hemisphere
Great Remembering (1914-1917)--Supporting 132(2)
European Democracies
The Return to International Society 134(3)
(1917-1919)--Fighting for
Self-Determination, Democracy, and a New
World Order
Deep Forgetting (1919-1933)--Isolationism 137(6)
America's Sixth Hero's Journey 143(20)
(1933-1974)--The Democratic Struggle
against Fascism and Communism
Call to Adventure (1933-1939)--Opposing 143(4)
International Aggression and Supporting
Great Remembering (1939-1941)--From 147(2)
Neutrality to Nonbelligerency
The Return to International Society 149(4)
(1941-1956)--World War II and the Cold War
Deep Forgetting (1956-1974)--Ignoring 153(10)
Self-Determination in the Crusade against
America's Seventh Hero's Journey (1974- 163(16)
)--Human Rights, Humanitarian Intervention,
and a New World Order
Call to Adventure (1974-1981)--Human 163(3)
Rights Diplomacy
Great Remembering (1981-1993)--Human 166(4)
Rights and New World Order
The Return to International Society 170(5)
(1993- )--Humanitarian Intervention and
New World Order
America's Seventh Hero's Journey 175(4)
Renewing America's Seventh Hero's Journey 179(24)
for the Second American Century
Domestic Policy Imperatives 180(11)
Foreign Policy Imperatives 191(12)
Conclusion--America's Seventh Hero's Journey 203(8)
and the Second American Century
Selected Bibliography 211(8)
Index 219