Mastering Management 2.0 : Your Single-Source Guide to Becoming a Master of Management

Mastering Management 2.0 : Your Single-Source Guide to Becoming a Master of Management

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You know the mantra - the world isn't standing still and nor are the ideas, skills and knowledge you need as a manager - but, what are you doing about it? The first tenet of management should be "never stop learning," but the sheer abundance of new management ideas and the complexity of modern business makes it hard to amass the breadth of knowledge you need to advance your career. Mastering Management 2.0 is the antidote; a new set of perspectives from the best management brains from around the world. What's inside: "The nature of competition has shifted from the war of all against all, to competition between fluid networks of complementary companies." Donald Sull, Harvard Business School, p. 115 "Values are differences. They are not to be summed, but reconciled. Outstanding leaders take apparent opposites and integrate them, so that each value learns from the other, rules grow better through exceptions and global products spread from a particular locality."Fons Trompenaars, Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Intercultural Management Consulting, p. 138 "Value today is more likely to lie in knowledge, people and brands than property, plant and equipment." Jonas RidderstrSle, Center for Advanced Studies in Leadership, Stockholm School of Economics, p. 217 "People cannot take responsibility for their career if they do not know what the inner drivers of that career are." Edgar H. Schein, MIT Sloan School of Management, p. 244 "Building shareholder value may meet the needs of investors, but it does little to excite or inspire those who have invested their personal human capital in an organization." Lynda Gratton, London Business School, p. 272 Mastering Management 2.0 is a collection of the best writing from leading business thinkers at the world's top businesses and business schools including: City University Business School, London Columbia Business School Electrolux Harvard Business School IESE Business School IMD INSEAD Judge Institute, Cambridge University Kellogg Graduate School of Management London Business School Microsoft Nanyang Business School, Singapore Said Business School, Oxford University Sloan School of Management, MIT Stern School of Business, NYU Stockholm School of Business Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University of British Columbia Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Financial Times Mastering: World class thinking from the frontiers of innovation. Based on the hugely popular Mastering inserts run by the Financial Times, the Financial Times Mastering Series covers every essential element of business. Each book brings readers the latest ideas and innovations in a key business area in a structured, comprehensive and highly accessible format. Featuring the brightest business minds on the biggest business topics, they are your single-source guides cutting-edge thought leadership.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       ix
James Pickford
The state of management today 1 (22)
Introduction to Part 1 4 (1)
Thriving on the chaos of the future 5 (6)
Daniel Muzyka
The new battlegrounds for capitalism 11 (6)
Ben Hunt
Managers face up to the new era 17 (6)
Leonard Greenhalgh
Enterprise and innovation 23 (40)
Introduction to Part 2 26 (1)
Be prepared for when opportunity knocks 27 (6)
Daniel Muzyka
Getting to ``yes'' with the business plan 33 (6)
Joe Tabet
Albert Angehr
In search of capital for the young business 39 (6)
Benoit Leleux
An insider guide to going public 45 (6)
Michael Horvath
Don't hesitate to innovate 51 (6)
George Day
Paul Schoemaker
Corporate ventures: maximizing gains 57 (6)
Ian MacMillan
Rita McGrath
Strategy 63 (62)
Introduction to Part 3 67 (2)
Competitive strategy to lure the investor 69 (6)
Richard Whittington
The structures behind global companies 75 (6)
Julian Birkinshaw
Strategy must lie at the heart of alliances 81 (4)
Benjamin Gomes-Casseres
Bringing some discipline to M&A mania 85 (6)
Phanish Puranam
Harbir Singh
Maurizio Zollo
The future looks fair for electronic 91 (6)
Eric Clemons
Behavior is key to web retailing strategy 97 (6)
Eric Clemons
Michael Row
The challenge of the web-enabled business 103(6)
Peter Brews
IT strategy in the new economy 109(6)
Michael Earl
Success flows from business development 115(6)
Donald Sull
Demergers breaking up is hard to do 121(4)
Nancy Hubbard
Global business 125(32)
Introduction to Part 4 128(1)
The illusion of the global company 129(6)
Alan Rugman
Cultural answers to global dilemmas 135(4)
Fons Trompenaars
Charles Hampden-Turner
Culture is of the essence in Asia 139(6)
Leo Dana
Chinese entrepreneurs move into the new 145(6)
Pedro Nueno
Developing strategy for a not-so-global 151(6)
Philip Parker
Business and society 157(54)
Introduction to Part 5 161(2)
Adding corporate ethics to the bottom line 163(6)
Thomas Donaldson
Legal problems showing a way to do business 169(4)
Constance Bagley
Developing the rules for corporate 173(6)
Colin Mayer
The family business and its governance 179(6)
Adrian Cadbury
The value to be found in corporate 185(6)
Charles Fombrun
Risk role grows to enterprise scale 191(4)
Gerry Dickinson
Environmental disaster: not all bad news 195(4)
Geoffrey Heal
IT comes to the aid of environmental 199(6)
Dennis Rondinelli
Venture philanthropy: effective or meddling? 205(6)
Rachel Croson
The organization and human resources 211(66)
Introduction to Part 6 215(2)
Business moves beyond bureaucracy 217(4)
Jonas Ridderstrale
Change: success is all in the detail 221(6)
Joel Brockner
Making sharing good for all 227(4)
Angel Cabrera
Turning knowledge into business advantage 231(6)
Susan Jackson
Randall Schuler
Recruitment makes the most of the digital 237(4)
Peter Capelli
Monika Hamori
The anchors that dictate our careers 241(4)
Edgar Schein
Careers, work, and life: ways of finding a 245(6)
better balance
Cary Cooper
Managing to take the stress out of pressure 251(6)
Lyn van Oudtshoorn
New face in the top team: how to ensure a 257(6)
good fit
Andrew Kakabadse
Mentoring and coaching at the top 263(4)
David Clutterbuck
Beyond Sloan: trust is at the core of 267(4)
corporate values
Manfred Kets de Vries
Building companies founded on people 271(6)
Lynda Gratton
Skills of management 277(34)
Introduction to Part 7 280(1)
Interests, value, and the art of the best 281(6)
James Sebenius
David Lax
Putting the team into top management 287(4)
Donald Hambrick
How to say the right thing in the right way 291(6)
Gerry Griffin
How to groom the leaders of the future 297(6)
Michael Useem
The key to clear writing is in the 303(8)
Barbara Minto
Marketing 311(56)
Introduction to Part 8 315(2)
The essence of building an effective brand 317(6)
Kamran Kashani
Turn your customers into advocates 323(4)
Barbara Kahn
Segmentation: making sure the customer fits 327(6)
Venkatesh Shankar
Integration as the way ahead for marketing 333(6)
Mark Ritson
The brave new world of pricing 339(6)
Garrett van Ryzin
Marketers seeking sense in sensibility 345(6)
Bernd Schmitt
Retailing wakes up late to global ambitions 351(4)
Jonathan Reynolds
The drivers that make sales teams tick 355(6)
Andris Zoltners
The new language of emerging markets 361(6)
Nirij Dawar
Amitava Chattopadhyay
Finance and accounting 367(58)
Introduction to Part 9 371(2)
How to read those annual reports 373(6)
Peter Knutson
Value metrics: use with care 379(6)
Chris Higson
A bigger yardstick for company performance 385(6)
Christopher Ittner
David Larcker
Costs count in the strategic agenda 391(6)
Anthony Hopwood
The secrets hidden in market prices 397(6)
Lisa Meulbroek
Untangling the values of web companies 403(6)
Sunil Gupta
Donald Lehmann
Economic value added: the missing link 409(6)
David Young
Paying executives in shareholders' interests 415(6)
Rajesh Aggarwal
Integrating finance systems at Microsoft 421(4)
Brent Callinicos
Jeanne Mendez
Production and operations 425(6)
Introduction to Part 10 429(2)
All change in the second supply chain 431(4)
Morris Cohen
Vipul Agrawal
Look to the process for a better product 435(6)
Roy Westbrook
The way forward for operations strategy 441(6)
David Pyke
Enterprise systems: not an easy fit 447(6)
Lynne Markus
R&D structures to keep the focus on products 453(6)
Rajesh Nellore
Measures of success for R&D teams 459(6)
Christoph Loch
Staffan Tapper
The essence of service lies in focus 465(6)
Rogelio Oliva
Subject index 471(7)
Organization index 478(4)
Name index 482